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whats everybody having for tea tonight?? :D

well this thread really caught on didnt it! x
Lol ;) what did you end up having?
Im on a red day today, think I am going to attempt the slimming world quiche.
I struggle with red days but loose the most weight on them.
i ended up having southern fried chicken with chips and bbq beans! my favourite ;)
i do extra easy, i have to admit ive never done red or green! what kinda meals do u have on red and is it easy? i couldnt do green i love meat too much;) hehe xx
That sounds lovely. :p
I mainly do Green as i really like quorn but I do throw in some red days, Its ususally Meat and veg but I do sometimes try different things like bacon and mushroom frittata. One of my faves is Turkey Bake (like a cottage pie but I mash up sweede and carrot instead of potato to put on top. Tonight I am going to make the quiche which I have never made before :confused:
ooh whats a fritatta? aw im sure the quiche will come out fine, ive learnt that its all about trial and error, i just did my second smash pizza an it was completely differernt to the first one i tried(which wasnt that great really) lol
im intruiged by this quiche, u will have to let me know how it goes and ill have to try it :) hehe xx
hiya i just use homepride southern fried coating, its 9 syns for a whole pack and me and oh only use half between us so comes out at about 3 at most, and i just put the chicken in the coating and chuck in the oven :D then i always cook chips with it or garlic and herb wedges :) bbq beans are awesome with it too, and theyre superspeed:eek: hope that helps :) xxx
hehe no its not too late im glad ppl r finally looking at my thread :) howd u do the chilli is it the one in the book? and what do u have with it? :) xxx
oh and im having chicken stir fry tonight :D i just use chicken, schwartz garlic italian seasoning, a whole pack of stir fry veg and lotsa soy sauce..oh and noodle :p xxxx
oh and im having chicken stir fry tonight :D i just use chicken, schwartz garlic italian seasoning, a whole pack of stir fry veg and lotsa soy sauce..oh and noodle :p xxxx

oooooh lovely, thats another of my faves :D have never tried packet mix though, usually just use 5 spice and soy.....in the little booklet from class there is a "Pork chow mein" recipe, well i done this last week with chicken and it was LOVERLY :D:D

our chilli is just the usual suspects, onions, mushrooms,carrots,kidney beans, xl mince, tin toms and chilli flakes.....have not checked out SW recipe yet.....although i am keen to make a lasagne, have you tried any SW lasagne recipes yet ?????
i havent yet but i really want to! but i cant seem2 find a decent one, i like the look of the cheese sauce one but i cant find it lol it was made with a packet of cheese sauce which sounds better than quark(dont get me wrong i like quark 4 certain things) but ur chow mein sounds good! the schwartz garlic italain seasoning is in the same thing as the five spice, i dont like using packets cos they hav 2 many syns, but this way when u just use the spices u can have loadsa stir fry an its all free woooo hehe :)
i dont really like chilli tbh cos its a bit too spicy and i can be a bit of a wuss lol xxxx
aw gay they already have a "whats for tea tonight" thread
I didnt make the quiche in the end (lazy) I had pork chops and spinach, ohhh the excitement. Lol :eek: actually really enjoyed them.
I will make the quiche over next couple of days and let you know.
Am going to make the southern fried chicken soon too as sounds lush! :p
hehe yeah its lovely :) aw im havin pork chops tonight too, if thy havent gone off yet lol i will be havin mine with southern fried wedges and bbq beans tho lol always with the beans! :p xxx

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