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What's everyone doing


Finally a size 12!
Think im gonna snuggle up with my doggie and watch a girlie film then bath and bed ready for workies tomorrow ha ha ha xxx
Just about to watch step up 2 (maybe have a boogie and burn some cals) then hot bath and bed!
Naff all, sat on sofa in my jim jams surfing about and watching telly. Trying to get over holiday blues and the reality of work in the morning! xx


Says it as it is!!!
Awww P You look fab btw xx sexy lady...hows the vibro plate going?
Watching TV, awaiting visit from 3 ickle grandsons and then early night as I was up early for car boot sale, although did have little nap this afternoon. Hey, Porgeous look at you showing off your tan, hope you had a great holiday!
Awww P You look fab btw xx sexy lady...hows the vibro plate going?
Been on hols since it arrived so not had a chance but will get cracking tomorrow. Tried to use slendertone on holiday but got sweaty in the heat and by heck it hurt!!! How's you sweets? xx

rainbow brite

Hmmm, prolly just lazing about watching a DVD before work tomorrow :(
A place in town does the vibroplates - i was thinking of going and trying it out and then if i liked it i was thinking of buying one... im back into slendertone again - i had totally let it slip but im zapping myself like crazy today lol lower abs, upper abs, arms - just keep rotating!

Im listening to some old fav tunes - and after my dress up and make up session - i am sitting in knee high boots and tons of make up on (and just pants and bra) the blinds are closed and i hope no one comes to visit! eeek!

Just started surfing for my autumn wardrobe - I had a whole file full of copied pictures which i compiled when i started LT 2 months ago but all the clothes were summer clothes and as I am not going to be buying clothes to I get to my goal I am looking at whats in fashion for next season - I find doing this motivates me big time! I had lost all interest in fashion and now I feel like im going to turn into a complete fashion victim! lol

Was going to play poker tonight but decided just to stay in and moosh about - im in a very contented mood - oh and in havent done my exercises yet - going to do that. xox
I'm going to pack son's case for a school trip and make him a packed lunch then I shall sit on here, watching TV and have my final shake.

I took a dulcolax when I got back in from town (3 hours ago) so plan to stay up as long as possible in the hope it will do it's job before tomorrows WI! Not sure how long it takes as it's the first I've ever taken.

I took Dulcolax for the first time last Sunday at about 10pm and then went to bed. Woke up at around 7ish and they worked effectively as soon as I woke up!

They do say to take them before bed though but I would have thought that's to do with the cramps and stuff - if you're sleeping you don't feel it!


soon to be minnie mouse
done my exercises earlier and just had a long soak in a radox bath for an hour reading, feel really chilled now with my feet up. it's my 1st sunday off work in 5wks and really enjoyed the break

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