What's Everyone's Action Plan for Christmas Break?


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Hey All,

Can you believe that Christmas is NEXT WEEK? IT IS! And I am fully prepared to indulge in the Christmas spirit. It's once a year I get to have the aweseomeness that is mulled wine in almost every pub, and ditto to mince pies, drinking advocar, and marsipan sweets!

I'm all for moderation though. My plan is to only "blow out" on Christmas day itself, and the rest I'm just upping my exercise to accomodate the extra treats. I'm not planning to lose anything over the next two weeks - just sticking at my current weight will be more than enough for me!

What's everyone else's plan? Will you be sticking to your calories?
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Much the same as yours. I WILL end December lighter than I started, and Christmas will NOT hold me back for the next 4/5 months, which has been the case for the last three.
CCing means I can continue to crunch the numbers, and so long as I can get the dogs walked (possibly limited by the heavy winters we get here - they still get a good run each day, but in poop weather that's often a five minute walk to a field and them playing with toys lol not great for the calories!), and can get to the gym as often as I plan (also possibly restricted by the weather, but shouldn't be too bad), then I can both indulge AND continue to lose....and that included Xmas day.
We've had some lovely gifts from customers, the usual biscuits and sweeties, and we've said we're not opening them until the day before xmas eve, as otherwise it'd have been a fortnight of picking on crap. Feel good :)


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I'm with you two. CCing all the way through December and being good right up until Christmas eve. There is no reason why I can't loose weight this month!!


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I'm the same! I'll be cccing as normal up to Xmas eve, then back on it the day after Boxing Day. I'd start back on the cc on Boxing Day, but I'm going to my best friend's so that will be a day of munchies lol.

Hope you all have a fabulous Xmas btw :D

D* xXx

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I'm going to try and be reasonably careful but I don't mind blowing out on my calories and gaining a pound or two. I've been wishy washy about my diet the last two weeks or so and am back on the straight and narrow for the next ten days to break into the 17s.
I hope to maintain by counting most days but eating what I like at meals out and for a few days over Xmas/nye. I think if I keep my cals to a losing level on the days in between then even if I'm over maintenance on the celebratory days it should even out.

Well, that's the plan. Either way I'll be back losing in Jan.


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My aim is not to deny myself but to try to eat only when hungry, however my son came last night and as i won't see him over christmas we had a christmas meal, it is my birthday on Monday then hot on that comes christmas, so don't stand much of a chance from now until january.


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I plan to have Xmas Eve, Xmas Day and Boxing day off... that's all :D I need to shift this lard once and for all! x


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I'm just going to underindulge, if you see what I mean. Little bit of alcohol, little bit of choccy, a low-sugar jelly dessert, a handful of nuts. A bit richer than my usual eats, but not a complete pig out, like Christmas usually is. I'm trying to get to the gym twice a week now, so I am planning to go after Boxing Day, but before the January rush. :D I'm actually quite looking forward to it- having a day of energy inbetween all the lolling around watching telly.


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Decided to just have Xmas day off although I'll still be logging on MFP as I'm curious of the calorie count. Don't want to undo all the hard work. X


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I'm hoping to maintain, so I've allowed myself some mega pig outs (work Christmas party, Christmas day) but am generally keeping to the usual diet with a few extra special treats thrown in every now and again.


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Well I've got Xmas eve Xmas day and boxing day off work :) yay. Not alot happens Xmas eve so should be good then. Xmas day however! I intend to eat my Xmas dinner with all the trimmings and mince pies with lots of wine. Basically over indulge and remember how bad I feel. I can't stand that bloated feeling. So come Tuesday when all is back to normal I'll be saying pass me the salad! Lol x


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I'm working Christmas day so i'll be counting calories, I do my calories by week so plan to save some for Christmas dinner!

Catherine x


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I'm going to be good but also enjoy myself...I'll burn it off again after a few days off!


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I'm just going to underindulge, if you see what I mean.

love that term and I am going to apply it to my own christmas celebrations as it is exactly what I intend to do too:D


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I am going to exercise everyday apart from Xmas day, so should be able to enjoy myself guilt free. :)