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Whats for Breakfast


Now to maintain.....
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i had a shape zero yogurt and 2 plums at 6am.
then i just had 2 chocolate weetabix(heb+2syns) and milk.

if i fancy weetabix i usually have green or red days(doing green today) so i get extra a+b!!

i usually stick to fruit and yogurt as its quick,easy and i dont often fancy big breakfasts.it also leaves me a + b free for later.
If you don't need your A and B for anything else during the day then it's not a waste, if you feel you need another HEX then why not try red or green?

Otherwise, how about muesli and yoghurt? I know it's a B choice but it saves an A. Or fresh fruit and yoghurt, this is one of my favourites.

How about cold hard boiled eggs with tomatoes and bacon chopped into a bowl?
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banana and pear with fat free fromage frais and sweetener - free and delicious! You can add an alpen light bar to make it feel cereal-y too and then you still have half a HexB left :)

Omelette is a good one too but not easy to prepare and eat at work!


I will be a Princess!
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When I'm at work I usually just have fruit and a yoghurt, and then I'll have some Ryvita minis at breaktime to keep me full until lunch. I'm on holiday at the moment, so I had 2 chocolate weetabix, milk and a banana. Nom nom!

Like a couple of others have said, if I want to have cereal for breakfast I tend to have a green day, which is what I'm having today :) xx


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My breakfasts have been a bit rubbish recently. Normally 3 x light babybels (hexa) and an alpen bar (1/2 hexb) and some fruit. Quick to grab and eat on train on way to work is my excuse!


you lookin' at me?
I enjoy my cooked breakfasts. I don't enjoy cereal and it doesn't fill me up.
I have scrambled, poached or fried eggs, depending on my mood, some Mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans and if I fancy, some bacon too.
I love SW because I CAN eat that and still lose weight (Ok I may not understand how, but, hey I don't need to understand it, just need to do it:D)
I then don't usually eat anything till lunchtime as it keeps me going so long. Lunch is usually much lighter too, a salad, fruit etc.
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During the week I'm normally a cereal, fruit & yoghurt person, but come weekend I have, quorn sausages, mushrooms, eggs, beans & toast:eek:.

On sunday we watched so many American cookery programes & on one of them was pancakes, fruit & cream:eek: it looked delicous. So it got me thinking, could I make that SW friendly.

I got two slices of wholemeal bread,cut the crusts of them & dipped them in a sweetened beaten egg, fried them & topped with mix fruit & yoghurt, it was yummy.

The only thing I can think of which you can have at your desk is Alpen lights, or as the others have suggested babybell.


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I do a big batch of wholegrain rice and keep it in the fridge (handy for adding to meals as well as having 'with' things.

I use it at breakfast to go in with some syn free yogurt (vanilla or strawberry onken usually) a teaspoon of sweetener, and fruit. Today was frozen raspberries (defrosted!!) and a chopped up plum. YUMMY.
Very filling and good for your digestion, and has NO healthy extras or syns!! (It's a good dessert too - a bit like having rice pudding).


Never gets tired of SW!
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Plain cous cous is another idea for adding sweet stuff to.
Its lovely with chopped fruit, maybe banana, pineapple and an apple for a bit of crunch, all topped off with yogurt....delish!!!
Sounds lovely and really interesting lentil!! I might have a go at this!!

At the moment I'm going through a big Weetabix phase, which I have topped with lots of fruit and skimmed milk. I know what you mean about using up your HEXs early in the day on EE though!! Which is why other days I have omlettes, sometimes plain, sometimes with cheese, sometimes with cheese, ham and onion. I love them. Frittatas/tortillas are a suggestion to take into work with you, or a slice of homemade SW quiche. You can whip them up quite quickly the day before and they're also an ideal way to chuck in some superfree stuff! Spinach and quark tortilla is really lovely with a bit of chilli and coriander to give it a kick! Weetabix Oatybars are really good too as although they're a HEXb, they're also only 3.5 syns on their own so they don't have to break the bank! You could have these with some fruit X
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My week day breakfast usually consists of Crunchy Bran, chopped banana & Muller Toffee Yogurt OR I layer Muesli, Chopped Apricots, Fat Free Natural Yogurt and top with a small drizzle of honey.

I prepare this at home and put in a container to eat at my desk, yummmmmmy and very filling.

At the weekend we usually have a cooked breakfast consisting of bacon, eggs, beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Sometimes adding small Syn free "fried" potatoes.

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