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whats going on everytime i eat a piece of fruit???


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everytime i eat some fruit my whole mouth and lips start hurting and tingling afterwoods, my throat itches and feels like its swollen up? whats going on? surely i cant be allergic its only been happening the last 6 months or so? its really getting on my nerves now its such a horrible feeling :(
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Why not ask your doctor? Is it all fruit or just certain types like citrus? It could be an allergy, have you Googled it? Take care until you find out.


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hey thank for your reply, i think i will def have to visit the docs with this one, it is all fruit, well everything that i used to be fine eating previously (there are certain fruits i dont like so i wouldnt know), although i was okay with bananas until this morning, i love fruit though so i am not very happy that i have to keep away from it to avoid this really nasty reaction.
I have a reaction like that with kiwi fruit - it makes me hands itch too when I touch it usually when I am trying to scoop it out for the kids as they love it...
Oral allergy syndrome is like that, do you also have hayfever? It can develop when you're an adult, it did for me! The Wiki page is good http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oral_allergy_syndrome

If you go to the doc, they should refer you to a specialist who will do patch tests to confirm it.

You can take antihistamines to relieve the stomach ache if you accidentally eat fruit you're allergic to.


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Kiwi fruit makes my tongue itchy, somehow. i don't know why. but i love it.


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hey, yes i do also have hayfever, i did get stomach pains and also diarrhea about, plus the other stuff i mentioned after i had a banana this morning, it was horrible. I will have to visit the doc i think.
thanks for the replies
That doesn't sound nice (hug) I have a friend who can only eat cooked fruit, not raw, because of similar symptoms.

I can't eat Chinese food without getting all the symptoms you describe. Fortunately I hate Chinese food (but have a Chinese relative, so a lot of celebratory meals are Chinese - I just don't eat, which isn't great).

I hope the GP is helpful.


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I have this with tomatoes, pineapple, melon and kiwi. Some melons I can't eat at all. Pineapple I probably shouldn't eat but I love it so much I can't help it! Sometimes it's a mild tingling mouth etc. but there was once my throat really closed up with honeydew melon so I avoid it. Like someone else said, it's related to hayfever. I can have some tomatoes but not from certain areas. It's strange really.


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Now I feel guilty... My niece has this problem and I thought it was her way of not eating fruit...

Bad auntie hangs her head in shame :[


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You didn't know though, it's not that uncommon for children to use such tactics to get out of things!


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Problem is she's 23 lol :)
I can't eat some nuts either, nut oils in chocolates like toblerones are especially bad!
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