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Whats in your handbag?


Happily pro pointing!
Nothing actually, I don't tend to snack much between meals, never really thought of putting anything in my bag.


Alway see the love x
I have a bag of nuts and an Atkins bar.... Dont like the thought of being caught short ; o )

Woofy X


Fat busting crime fighter
nuts, pork scratchings or atkins bar ... but not all 3
ah, nappies, wipes. LOL. I swear Colleen still had a spare nappy in her handbag when the kids had gone to Uni. :D
I don't carry anything but with Half Term coming up and daytrips with the kids, They will be scoffing icecreams and the like so it's a good idea for me to squirrel away snacks in the depths of my handbags. I'd completely missed we were allowed porkscratchings so off to get some today. Can you let me know the brands of what '0'carb sweets we can eat? And any other brilliant portable snacks that I might of overlooked.
Does any more high St store stock sweeties that we can have in moderation? (im all excited)
OK in my handbag there is- 2 nappies,wipes,3 choc bars,purse,comb,keys,emergency JOsh medicines and calpol, so much crap


Fat busting crime fighter
i call it pigs cellulite!
Not as much as 2lbs of Hog roast though. :)
Hi woofy, I've posted some photos of the weekend on my success thread. :)

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