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Whats the worst?

Hello! We all know that at times Xenical can lull us into a falce sence of security! What are some funny/horrific experances you have had?
At first i didnt watch what i ate. I just kept on with the cakes and chineses. The coco ice lollys "feasts" were my dayly snack. Then one day i was sitting at the kittchen table and I farted.
Lets just say i cant even look at a feast any more :cry:
It was the worst expernce i have ever had lol. Now i never fart unaided. i go to the bathroom to fart lol. Thats how these pills work for me. Fear of farts lol
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when i first got them i knew and reserached all the stuff i cud find , drew up a strict plan and made myself aware that my old eating habits were likely to cause bad side effects so from day one ... i stuck to 5g rule... i have had stuff like salmon which has reacted badly over the time...die to good oils being treated as bad oils...

but all in all 8 months of xenical and i dont have any bad side effect stories really..

i think it does scare you into life changes.. but until you realise that the pill dont work and you wont loose weight unless u eat sensibly and exercise then thats when the sucess happens.

I am farting more than usual, but no follow thru. Norm said I farted very softly in my sleep last night and the stench was atrocious, he had to get up and open the window. Good job they love us eh?
haha yeah it is. x


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lol... ive not experieced anything yet... but im only in week 2!!! lets hope that nothing horrible happens.
and im facing up to what i used to eat and my habbits are what put me int this position in the first place!!!
I have been on pills 5 weeks with no side effects or stories to tell yet !!


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I have been on and off the pills for a few years now and on several occasions have had to change my pants and even wash, if you can believe it. and I know better too, so I always make sure that I "fart" over the toilet. You never know what may happen even when eating healthy. Lol.
:whistle:"Fear of the fart, fear of the fart!
i have a constant fear that oil is always near!

Glad to see i'm not the only one hovering about in the bathroom just in case! :)
Im laughing so much. I actually did this today, was sitting at the dinner table eating my very healthy lunch and I sharted, and it was VERY bad, it stained my dining table seat. I'm laughing about this now but I was gagging on the stink of the oils! I can't even remember what I've eaten that was so bad! Oh wait yes, the Mcdonalds.......
Not had any bad experiences yet but only in week 1 ..... still worried when I'm out, but been really strict with diet so should be fine. Think its always at the back of your mind tho! I def wont be having a mcdonalds after reading that lol xxxx


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like wise.. not maccie d's for me!!!
I was put off trying xenical because of horror stories told by someone I work with. She had to be near a toilet constantly, couldnt take a bus or go for a walk even. She had permanant piles. In
the three months she was on them she didnt lose any weight to speak of. Her moaning really put me off, but now I know the golden rules regarding fat I realise she was not following the right eating guidelines. She would have butter on her bread (Just a scraping) and a bit of butter on jacket potatoes. Her main scource of meat was mince (ordinary, not low fat) if she had salad she had a lot of coleslaw with it. Loads of stuff like this, no the wonder she had problems. With this forum I am learning loads reading the posts and what I dont know I can ask.


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i too am learning loads.... for some i think the tablets to them are a Miricle cure... but its not the case... its not a diet you have to follow its a complete lifestyle change... you need to change what you are eating and how you live your life or you wont get anywhere at all!!!

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