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I know the feeling - my skin is dry and flaking off - it's horrible - yet I have suddenly got spots too! I am blaming the moisturiser I am using for the dry skin for causing the spots!
Hi Ladies, well i resemble a typical teenager ( only im 34yrs old ) I think its the blast of vitamins that we are getting that is playing naughty b*g***s with our skin, Im hoping is just temporary, i recall last time it did settle down


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I have only had one big spot on my forehead..... luckily under my fringe so im alright. I never get spots though and keep getting little white heads popping up here and there but nothing scary.

All i use it baby wipes on my face tot ake make-up off and then another to clean my skin and then use body yoghurt from Avon on my face and all over my body.

Works a treat, dont have dry skin at all or multiple big spots.

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