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What's your current music?


rainbows holiday buddy :)
the Ogden's album by Small Faces :)
lol - was listening to this last weekend when OH came in from work. he was like WTF is this? i told him to take some acid and all would be revealed! our musical tastes sometimes conflict...although he does like the small faces chart hits, he's just never listened to any albums by them.


need to be old goofy me
U2 // Damien Rice // Adele // Chris Tomlin // Casting Crowns // Third Day // Snow Patrol // Angus & Julia Stone // Amy MacDonald // Plumb // Coldplay // Johnny Cash // Moby // Mylo // Morcheeba // The Mama's & The Papas // The Verve // Feeder // The Cardigans // KT Tunstall // Queen // Rolling Stones // Duke Special // Oasis // Blondie // Jamie Scott & The Town // Stereophonics... plus a load of randoms.

Copied and pasted from my bebo because i couldn't be bothered re-typing it... [laziness i know!].

Ooh current favourite is 'Let Your Love Flow' by the Bellamy Brothers after hearing it on that tv ad.
got Rhianna in the car love take a bow


Carpe diem, baby!
Lately it's been Metallica's new album Death Magnetic mmmm and lots of Metal Hammer compilation CDs...as well as abit of Faithless and Bullet For My Valentine (their tunes are timed such that I can work out and run to certain of then perfectly and be finished double quick!) I tend to favour rock/metal tunes for the gym rather than dance and chart stuff (I don't do pop anyways)


always lurkin around!
im lovin chris brown at the mo i like RnB and a bit of dance,... but love a bit of def leppard and that kinda stuff 2 x


Carpe diem, baby!
As I suddenly remembered the Apo gig, it's Apocalyptica's Amplified - A decade of reinventing the cello...yum yum...


Carpe diem, baby!
Bah! Sorry to post after one of my own, but am listening to the Kooks (Konk) and Patrick Wolf's Wind in the Wires today, also a wee bit of The Hoosiers at the gym when I was stretching after cool down and of course the old compilation of rock/metal/indie for the main gym session...
Ooh current favourite is 'Let Your Love Flow' by the Bellamy Brothers after hearing it on that tv ad.
Loving that one too.

Listening to a varied selection on a playlist on my MP3. I'll listen to anything and everything, although I do have a penchant for anything a bit poppy :eek:.

However, my current favourite is Razorlight - Wire to Wire. Absolutely loving that song. Also loving The Script :D


Carpe diem, baby!
I love the new Kings of Leon album although one song is overplayed a bit...I am playing Maiden Heaven (a tribute to Iron Maiden), some great covers...and some Ra Ra Riot at the mo...The Rhumb Line...fave songs being Dying is Fine and a Kate Bush cover Suspended in Gaffa...

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