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What's your fav lowish point drink ? (alcohol)..


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I was wondering what you all choose to drink when you go out for a drink.
At home I drink wine and it's easy because I can measure it myself, but we all know what pubs are like, they do huge glasses and I think I may struggle to point them properly.

Is it easier to just drink bottles of beer, and keep count, or shots or something else?
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Vodka and diet coke and alternate it with a plain diet coke, nobody knows the difference!! and its rare i go out so i get drunk quickly :giggle:

Woman at work drinks half pints of cider and apparently thats quite low on points
i went out few weeks back and drank vodka and diet 7 up,,but some people have 2 vodkas to 0ne bottle of 7 up but i just kept topping up my glass with 7 up,,everyone else drinkin 2 drinks to my one and no one knew the difference,leader said 3 bottle of like bud lite or anything lite is 4 points


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Thanks Shabba and yummymummy.
double vodka and diet coke - 2 pts reckon I make one of those last all night if I get a bottle of coke and just keep filling it up.
If i start on wine I'll just keep drinking it and drinking it till I fall over!
Never tried it with 7 Up, will have to give that a go.
coke doesn't agree with my tummy but 7up was yum

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