What's your Malandra name?


Back again!
Just heard this on the radio. Malandra Burrows, who left "I'm a Celebrity" last night, got her name from a mixture of her parents names - Dad was Malcolm, Mum Sandra = Malandra.

They were asking what's your Malandra name, which I thought would be a bit of fun this morning.

So, to start the ball rolling:

I'd be Joggy :rolleyes: Dad - John, Mum - Peggy
and my daughter would be Ganet :( Dad - Gary, Mum - Jan (see it's not really Dotty :) - ooh that would make her Gatty - not much better LOL).

Right, before I go off on one - over to you.

MadamJoggy :D
I know a little boy called Jake whose mum is Jane and Dad Kevin.

I would be Alshe or Sheal (Sheila and Alan)

Dizzy x
Ah now I didn't try it the other way round

Pehn - hmm, think I prefer Joggy!!
Hmm .. mine would either be Phoelan or Albe (mum: Phoebe; Dad: Alan) - not sure I fancy either much :rolleyes:

Phoelan prounounced Fee-lan sounds quite oriental:)
Or Foo-lan (to rhyme with Shoe) does too.
Denis + Eileen = Deneen, Deneil, Eilden, Eilis. Mmmmmmmm none of them really sound cool!

Beverley + John = Bevjo, Leyjo, Jobe, Joley ....... again can't see my 3 being too keen on any of them!

It's funny I use to hate "Beverley" when I was in my teens and shortened it to "Bev" - which my parents predictably refused to use. Then when i got to my 20's decided "Beverley" sounded better ..... and on my wedding day my dad kept talking about "Bev" and I had to think about who he was talking about!!! Now I call myself "Beverley" , my partner calls me "Bev" and I have as many friends who use one as the other .... plus a lot of other names that I'll not go into!!
I called my 3rd daughter,her second name Lorinda its a mix of my mum and 'OH' mum so she has both her Nans names.LORna and lINDA

Mine would be Malisa (dad Malcolm, mum Isa)

My kids would be saddled with either Stevorah or Deben :rolleyes: (Steven & Deborah)
oh cool thread...

Mine would be Kenleen or Keleen? Kenneth and Kathleen - we are all K's in our family - mum, dad, 3 daughters, 1 son and 1 nephew (another nephew escaped teh curse haha)
Rochelle and Grafford so Aaron would be Rochgraf or Graffroche

Graffroche sounds like one of Ricky Gervais's Flanimals ;) LOL

David and Christine...

Assuming thats how it works...

Kinda nice actually

Micendy! (Michael & Wendy) Quite like that actually...
*Goes to check out Deed poll*
Mine would be Jopan or Jofran or Panjo or Franjo - OMG I COULD'VE NEARLY HAD THAT NAME!!!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

Dad's name was John and mum's is Frances but she's called Panchy!

My kids could've ended up with Stevca or Castev. Ex's name is Steven, mine is Carol.