What's your Malandra name?


Back again!
Just heard this on the radio. Malandra Burrows, who left "I'm a Celebrity" last night, got her name from a mixture of her parents names - Dad was Malcolm, Mum Sandra = Malandra.

They were asking what's your Malandra name, which I thought would be a bit of fun this morning.

So, to start the ball rolling:

I'd be Joggy :rolleyes: Dad - John, Mum - Peggy
and my daughter would be Ganet :( Dad - Gary, Mum - Jan (see it's not really Dotty :) - ooh that would make her Gatty - not much better LOL).

Right, before I go off on one - over to you.

MadamJoggy :D
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I know a little boy called Jake whose mum is Jane and Dad Kevin.

I would be Alshe or Sheal (Sheila and Alan)

Dizzy x


Back again!
Ah now I didn't try it the other way round

Pehn - hmm, think I prefer Joggy!!


Back again!
Hmm .. mine would either be Phoelan or Albe (mum: Phoebe; Dad: Alan) - not sure I fancy either much :rolleyes:

Phoelan prounounced Fee-lan sounds quite oriental:)
Or Foo-lan (to rhyme with Shoe) does too.


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Denis + Eileen = Deneen, Deneil, Eilden, Eilis. Mmmmmmmm none of them really sound cool!

Beverley + John = Bevjo, Leyjo, Jobe, Joley ....... again can't see my 3 being too keen on any of them!

It's funny I use to hate "Beverley" when I was in my teens and shortened it to "Bev" - which my parents predictably refused to use. Then when i got to my 20's decided "Beverley" sounded better ..... and on my wedding day my dad kept talking about "Bev" and I had to think about who he was talking about!!! Now I call myself "Beverley" , my partner calls me "Bev" and I have as many friends who use one as the other .... plus a lot of other names that I'll not go into!!


I called my 3rd daughter,her second name Lorinda its a mix of my mum and 'OH' mum so she has both her Nans names.LORna and lINDA



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Mine would be Malisa (dad Malcolm, mum Isa)

My kids would be saddled with either Stevorah or Deben :rolleyes: (Steven & Deborah)


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oh cool thread...

Mine would be Kenleen or Keleen? Kenneth and Kathleen - we are all K's in our family - mum, dad, 3 daughters, 1 son and 1 nephew (another nephew escaped teh curse haha)


Back again!
Rochelle and Grafford so Aaron would be Rochgraf or Graffroche

Graffroche sounds like one of Ricky Gervais's Flanimals ;) LOL


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David and Christine...

Assuming thats how it works...

Kinda nice actually



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Micendy! (Michael & Wendy) Quite like that actually...
*Goes to check out Deed poll*

Mrs Depp

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Mine would be Jopan or Jofran or Panjo or Franjo - OMG I COULD'VE NEARLY HAD THAT NAME!!!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

Dad's name was John and mum's is Frances but she's called Panchy!

My kids could've ended up with Stevca or Castev. Ex's name is Steven, mine is Carol.