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Wheatabix, are they a healthy extra?

2 weetabix are a Healthy B choice. Not sure what 'stuff' you've got, but they've always been a healthy extra.
2x standard weetabix are a hex B on the extra easy plan. Not all the literature shows this but the website list of healthy extras does have it so you are safe to use a Hex B on them. Indeed, my consultant recommends 2 weetabix as a breakfast choice simply because it is more substantial than 28g of the other listed cereals. I haven't used a cereal hex B for ages but I used to have the shredded wheat bitesize and 28g of that is about 13 pieces, which is what, 3/4 mouthfuls?

Don't worry about it, your choice is fine and on plan.
Thank you both very much for the quick reply. i some time's struggle to fit in a hex b, so this kills to birds with one stone :O)
Just found it on latest healthy extras:
HEB: 28g Weetabix Oatibix bites, any variety & 1 Ryvita wholegrain crackerbread.

HEB: 28g Weetabix Oatibix flakes, any variety & 1 oat/scan bran.
Does it mention the bix at all? I've got some oatibix which is the same as weetabix, the two "biscuits" but not sure if they're ok so been sticking to my flakes but wanting to try them.

Would imagine they'd be a HExB too if the flakes and bites are...
Mrs Wilsoncroft is RIGHT - I have just checked!!!!

Both the Weetabix Oatibix Bites and the Weetabix Oatibix Flakes are HEX b choices (28g, the Bites with 1 Ryvita and the Flakes with 1 Oat/Scan Bran.)
If I remember correctly, and unless it's changed since, the Oatibix aren't a healthy extra, only the weetabix :)
They were showing on the Sw website under latest healthy extras last night.
I have not personally had them but that's what I found for the person asking me the question if they were a heb or not. xx
Yes, it is only the bitesized Oatibix and the flakes that are listed. The weetabix sized ones are not. Not sure WHY not, but they arent. Someone asked this at group last week so its fresh in my head.

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