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when am i in ketosis??

hey guys, im on my second week of cambridge. lost 9 pound in my first week so was really pleased. however last night i eat a few carbs. Woke up this morning and did a ketosis test and it said i am now not in ketosis. How long roughly will it take me to go back into it if i start afresh today? x x will i now also lose no weight? thanx guys x
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Queen of the Damned
Hi Hannah

Depending on how many carbs you had, you may find you haven't dropped fully out of ketosis - you're just not registering in the pink this morning. Stick with the plan, drink loads of water, and you should be back in ketosis within a day or so.


Queen of the Damned
You'll be fine. Put it behind you and move forward :hug99:
Hannah did u get back into ketosis then?
I have cheated the odd once or twice and it usually has knocked me into a lower state of ketosis so that when i do a test it wont register however i still loose weight... just very very slowly.
Id took me 2 days to get back into last time, but guess what.... i cheated again so should be back in tomorrow, its silly cos i start AAM next saturday! I just wonder how i will loose wight on AAM when it seems that a few crackerbread and a cereal bar knocked me out of it!!!


Queen of the Damned
Hey Crewboi, AAM is carefully calculated with minimal carbs so you should still lose weight on it. But you are right - you are slowing things down with the lil nibbles here and there. You're almost half way there - full steam ahead!! :D
Hi Crewboi

It's all to do with carbs versus protein. Carbs will bring you out of ketosis but protein shouldn't. AAM week is based mainly on protein so this is the reason that most people will stay in ketosis.

Hope that helps.

ah thanks guys! nibbles have stopped.... dont know why i do it i keep tellin myself im gonna make SS last longer cos i wont go 790 untill im down to bmi of 25. Im looking forward to AAM ive decided wha im gonna have everyday and ive made my shoppin list (i acutally did it in week 1 when i was dreaming of food) lol.... i used to find it easier to do when i was at work but now its getting harder, temptation is always there but those bars are a god send, just a shame sometimes i bar has to last me all day and i sooo wish i cud take my blender to work with me.

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