1. Hi everyone...:)
    My partner and I started with the Cambridge Diet &th Feb and we have both lost over 2 stone....cause for celebration!!!...However, I look at him and I can see that he has obviously lost weight but despite the fact I can get my jeans on without the usual fight with the zip and I can get into my bra without a shoe horn (not a nice image...sorry) I still see the same chubster looking back at me in the mirror...
    I wonder if it takes a while to sort of catch up with your body image... We've taken some 'before' photos and praps we need to take some interim pics to show a bit of progress as we both want to lose substantial amounts of weight.
    I was wondering if anyone else found ways to really notice the difference during this slow ongoing process...

    All the best
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  3. MadamDotty

    MadamDotty Back again!

    The Harcombe Diet
    Hi Tara

    I do think it takes a while for our brains to catch up with what we see, the weight comes off so quickly and it's hard to adjust, I really do think you can see it more in photos. I look at my before & after pics and think wow didn't I do well, but I still don't see it most of the time when I look in the mirror! Very strange, but you're losing the weight and that's the main thing.

    Well done on your 2 stone.

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  4. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    All very true, but definatley take photos, it does help the brain catch up, I took photos every stone, but 2 stone in would really help you see the difference, when I look in the mirror I just see me, but sometimes I catch a glimpse in a shop window, or mirror, and then I get a shock!

    Not sure it ever catches up TBH, 4 months at goal and Im still not sure, all I know is that size 12 clothes are not to be sneezed at, and no matter what my brain says my body is a darn sight better than ever!
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  5. Hi Vicky
    Congratulations on achieving your goal AND maintaining it.
    Your Avatar photos certainly show an amazing difference.
    I am sure that once I get to my goal weight (9 and a half stone...though I wouldn't say no to 10 stone) I will be trying on slinky clothes at the local shopping mall just for the hell of it! Then perhaps I'll really notice the difference...

  6. bunnycd

    bunnycd Full Member

    Well done for loosing 2 stone. Sometimes it takes some time for brains to catch up with reality. I bet if you both spent a week apart you would think "wow" that weight loss is fab. It's cause you two are seeing each other each day which makes it harder to see. I also think it has something to do with your body shape as I noticed fat was going from strange parts of the body such as fingers. my neck and feet! You have done so well so far so keep it up. Love Bunnycd xxx :grouphugg:
  7. Hi Bunnycd

    Thank you for the encouragement.
    I agree with you about noticing weight loss after not seeing someone, you normally see every day, for a while... and about the fact you seem to lose weight from strange parts of the body ~ well at least I can put my socks on a bit more comfortably now so perhaps that is a difference indicator that I must have lost it from somewhere.:)

    Congratulations to you too for the 3 stone weight loss...hope I can get there too one day...

    All the best
  8. Mrs Bean

    Mrs Bean Full Member

    WOW hun .... congrats on losing 2 stone ... a fab result!

  9. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

    Goal Weight:
    measure up
    Hi Tara did you take your measurements at the start, this is proof that you are actually shrinking.......!
    If you have not done them take them now so you can see the progress as you continue.

    Well done on your 2 stone, keep it up
  10. Marie

    Marie Member

    cambridge diet
    i have found it really hard to come to terms with the fact i have lost almost 4stone.. because in the mirror i still see fat at times.. its only the fact i can now wear size 10 clothes instead of size 18 and the fact people have realised how much i have lost.... if it wernt for that, i think i would have kept dieting and not stoped until i personally saw a huge difference! it isnt what i imagined it to be... of course im happy,, but at times i still feel big,, i never fort i would feel that way....

    well done on your current weight loss

  11. Hi Sonya

    Yes, I did take some measurements at the start and some dodgy photos (dodgy in a, all I needed was to be holding a serial number, sort of way). I haven't taken any more yet probaly cos I still don't feel much different but after reading your reply I think I will get him indoors to take a few more this weekend as it has been 6 weeks since the first soup packet!!!

    All the best
  12. Hi Marie

    You have lost loads of weight to get to 8st 8lbs and isn't it strange that even after losing that amount and despite being able to wear size 10 clothes AND the fact that people have commented on your weight loss, you can still see 'fat at times' ...I wonder if it is this sort of delay in our brains catching up with what is really there in the mirror that as you say keeps people dieting until they personally see a big difference, maybe this is why some people fail to see this and literally fade away... I am glad you are happy with your current weight and hope that you continue to enjoy your great achievement now that you have stopped dieting and keep your positive body image when you look in the mirror now.

    All the very best
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