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When did you set your target?

Just wondering when everyone decided on and set their target? As in, how long after starting SW? I've been doing SW for about 3 months now but I'm still not sure exactly what I want my target to be. I've got a general idea (and have put that on my profile on here) but feel I'll know for sure once I get towards that weight haha. Did anyone set a target at their first meeting? Or do most people wait a while? Just curious....
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Before I joined SW classes, but was a member of minimins, I had a good idea of what my target should be.
When I joined class, the first week my consultant didn't push me, but asked the 2nd week,so I just said 'another 12lbs'
That will take me to slightly above my original ideal target, but I feel that that will be achievable.
No good setting yourself too low a weight and then struggling to maintain it without the odd treat now and again.

I haven't set mine with my C yet but I've set it on here and the SW website as 10st10lb just because I remember getting weighed at the Drs once and that was my weight, I was a slim size 12 then and thats what I'd like to be again.

I'm 5'8" so thats a good weight for me, any lighter and I start to look a bit gaunt.

I think it's important to have a weight or size in mind so you know when you done, if you went by when you felt slim you could go on forever as I think it can take a while for your mindset to catch up with your body - and when do we ever think we're thin!? Even when we are!

You could look at the weight charts (the ones where you check your height against you weight and see what weight catagory your in) and choose something in the middle of the healthy range? Or the top end of the healthy range and see how you feel then?

....I'm rambling now.....!
I hate those damned charts, according to the BMI chart I am still in the overweight category, despite being in a size 10!!!

I set my target when I started SW using that chart and a nice round number of loss (5stone) I'm not 15.5lbs off it and might drop it further, but might not... :D I'll wait and see.
Really shrimpy?! Thats a pain! I know they aren't ideal, they tell my OH he's overweight too but he isn't at all he's naturally muscular - I guess they are just a guide and you have to use common sense too.
Yeah, not that I don't have a bit more flab to lose but it's weird! Oh well 15.5lbs left til target! :D


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I went for a nice round number at the bottom end of my ideal weight range! And I always had that number in mind as to what my target was going to be, even from the beginning!
So there isn't a rush to set it - thats good. I think I might stick with my general idea of what I want to be for now, then set it for definite once I get anywhere near it haha. I'm still classed in the 'overweight' category in the BMI chart so I definitely want to be well into the normal bracket once I reach target. My C says not to go by BMI but I'm using it as a general guide, but mainly going off how I feel and how my clothes feel.

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