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When did you start feeling better and not hungry?

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Hi all,

first apologies, I am sure this question has been asked and answered a lot of times. I am on day 2 of Cambridge SS. I did LL a long time ago, lost lots of weight but put it all back on as did not give much thought to maintanence.

Have tried a number of times to re-start on a VCLD programme but usually fall off day 3-4. I would like to know when you start feeling better and not so hungry. Thank you in advance, hope to get to know everyone on my journey this time.
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Hi Hun and welcome to the forum and CD. I started to feel less hungry around day 5 (Day 3 was always my killer day). It honestly does get easier, I'm on week 30 now, dig in and stay strong. I look forward to seeing how you get on xx
S: 15st7lb C: 15st7lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Sharon,

Your journey is pretty inspiring. I have been reading all the posts to keep me going. Hoping I too can have the success so many others are having. What comes out the most is the determination everyone has, and that they pick themselves up even after blips. This has been my trouble before, my all or nothing thinking. I have also been more of a lurker on the boards and am trying to be brave and get involved more, hoping it helps me and maybe I can also support others. Thanks again.

Sandy, x


I can do it!!
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Well done so far, and good luck!!

I have started CD twice, and both times I felt ok on day 1,
then on day 2 and 3 I felt quite moody and morose and snappy,
I was not too physically hungry although I thought about food loads and craved certain things, the worst thing for me was feeling low and tearful, I didn't realise it was CD at first but it definately was.
I feel better from day 4. I hope that helps. Good luck xx


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I've had more restarts than I care to admit... :eek:

But it varies for me. Sometimes I'm not at all hungry in the first few days. Other times - well, the other times, I don't tend to make it to Day 3, LOL. :)

One thing I have noticed is that if I try to start Cambridge the week before my period, I'm doomed to failure. PMT and Cambridge are not a good combination. So if I'm planning a restart, I tend to wait for the 'right' week.


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Hi everyone - I am just thinking of starting the Cambridge diet - can anyone tell me how it compares to LL especially regarding how the foodpacks compare tastewise. I lost 4st a few years ago but 2.5 stone has gone back on and I have had a few personal problems with LL so am ready for a change. I tried a couple of the packs from Boots the Tony Ferguson ones, but they aren't very nice!! Can anyone help with some advice??
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I did CD last year and lost nearly 5 stone, but have sadly put nearly 3 stone back on, so have had about 3 restarts over the last few months and I never ever get past day 5.... I always cave and have a takeaway and cannot get back on the wagon so blow it and put on even more weight. This time on day 5 I went to my CDC for a WI she recorded it in her notes but not on my card and she text me the following day. Today is day 8 and I feel much much better today, so much so that I dont know why I never struggled past day 5 in the first place.... and first WI shows I have lost 9lb... so do persevere it is really hard, I have struggled with my head over the weekend and I feel now I am out the other side.
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Hey Awaken me, did you go from 27 stones to 15 stones since april this year?

Whoa! I am on the same boat too, was 29.9 stones, lost them in around a month and half and now I am at 27 stones...

Can you please tell me how it goes for you?


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