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when do i accept defeat?

hi all :wave_cry:,
well, what can i say?
i had my 3rd weigh in today (1 day early) and lost another pathetic 1lb.
so in the last 3 weeks ive lost 8lbs, 1 lb, 1 lb. unless i lose 4lb next week i wont even get my stone in the first month on plan.
i feel so deflated. im trying to be optimistic and KNOW its a direct result of the constipation problems but how long can i realistically do this to myself when im not having the losses to keep my motivation up?
weigh in day seems to have turned into the day i wait to get on the scales and be kicked in the teeth :cry:.
for some reason i put on my mask and joke about the toilet probs with cdc and pretend all will be ok but inside im now starting to fall apart at the seams.
i soooooo dont want to leave cd again.
on wednesday i am going back to the doctors and asking for Fleet. It is a SEVERE bowel preperation drug i used when i had to have a surgical procedure and there is no denying the fact it really works.
as a one off i know the doctor will prescribe this but i cant imagine it being healthy to use too often. i HAVE to find something that works for me.
Im so angry at my horrible malfunctioning body right now:(
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Keep with it, it has got to come off and like you say, you probrably just need a visit to the toilet. Don't ditch the diet just yet, it does work. Also take psyllium husks with your meals and it might stop you getting soo constipated. I hope everything sorts itself out and you have a great loss this week.
hi rich,
yes, i drink between 4 and 5 litres average per day and am between ss and ss+. i have 3 shakes but i allow myself the 200 mls skimmed milk for my tea (i simply cant drink it black) although i only usually use around 100mls throughout the day.
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OMG OMG Fleet is horrible, unless you are prepared to spend 24 hours stuck in the house don't do it. And the water you will lose will be horrendous and everything you eat or drink will come straight back thru. If you get it prescribed i don't think your GP will be happy about it being used on a VLCD. I had this before some surgery on my bowel and endometrosis it isn't the right think to get i am sure.

I have some fibre powder from my CDC and it works ok for me. Before CD i went everyday on CD i am maybe twice or three times a week so not as regular. I was going to start a thread to see if this is normal but i do feel ok and i am haveing good loses. Please use this with caution if you get it. I am worried it will not do you any good because i always then end up bunged up after it. It really is a colon cleanser than a laxative. Have you tried senna??? I am thinking if everything i can to put you off using fleet. My dad has just been in hospital after an op and they gave him senna???

Please be careful hon xxx
i have used fleet in the past. my doctor is happy for me to use it as a clean out incase things are already erm blocked (for want of a better word :eek:)
in the last 3 weeks i have tried senna, movicol, milk of magnesia, fibregel, califig, extra strong coffee, as well as double dose fibre 89 every day and husks.In the last 3 weeks ive been to the toilet TWICE, both times passing nothing more than a cherry tomato (sorry TMI)
i suffer from chronic IBS but on any other diet i have always had the complete opposite of constipation and have lived the past 10 years with constant prescriptions of imodium.
i did cd last year for 3 months and lost 49lbs before the doctor threatened to have me admitted for 'manual evacuation' as i hadnt 'been' to the toilet for 15 days.
i have tried dulcolax in the past as well but this gave me labourlike cramps and still no movements.
i feel like im all out of choices:sigh:


Winning a losing battle!
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Sorry you're having such a rough time Cheryl.

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Fibre89 and husks should only be used as a bulking agent once you've got the constipation sorted so if you've been having those whilst constipated, it could be making the problem worse.

It may be worth seeing you GP to get the constipation sorted and then once you're ok, start using the husks or Fiber89 to keep you regular.

I'm sure this is the reason for your losses not being great but you need to look after yourself and get the constipation sorted first before worrying about the lbs.

Take care xx
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I had the same problem when I was doing SS, I tried loads of different things but found in the end that dulcolax worked for me, I took 2 at night and by the morning everything shifted... the first time because I was so bunged up, it didn't work, so took 2 the following night aswell and it worked brilliantly. I then used to take them every 2 or 3 days... now I am eating normally again, things are slowly getting back to normal. I found that the psyllium husks didn't work for me at all, I still have half a jar of them here, maybe worth using the CDC fibre stuff once you have cleared out as this may help.
S: 14st9lb C: 10st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.6 Loss: 4st0lb(27.32%)
Oh Dear Poor you have you thought of an suppository??? or colonic even. I really feel for you constipation is not nice but having said that i only ever pass a cherry tomato or two on this diet when i go.

Good Luck Hon xx
i have used 7 suppositories over the last two weeks (glycerol).
At first i used 2 as doctor suggested which was a terrible idea as it was impossible to 'hold them' for the 15 minutes needed. i ran to the toilet at the speed of light after just 8 minutes with a chronic 'urge' and promptly passed...... 2 suppositories, lol.
even using one i get nothing more than cramps.
ive just been looking at castor oil on the internet (ive never searched for such things before, my browser history looks like a pharmacy list, lol). castor oil looks very harsh and along the same lines as Fleet.
oh what to do, what to do
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Hope you find something that works Cheryl! I really feel for you!! Still not sorted myself out!! x x
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I do hope that you find a solution Cheryl. Sorry I can't be of any help here. Best of luck.


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