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When do you expect to be finished??

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Right, I was pondering yesterday... working out figures/goals and all kinds of stuff...

Anyway, I've been on this diet since November 14th. Have lapsed quite a few times so have lost just over 6 stone I think, but hope to have lost about 10 stone by my finish. However, what I have decided is that I will come off LL at the end of June (when my current 100 days is up, because I rejoined a foundation group 6 weeks ago) and then move on to RtM at the beginning of July, hoping to lose another half a stone or so within that time... and then if I still want to lose more, then I will follow a healthy eating plan, and continue at the gym... I think I need to get used to that being a part of my life forever, so think I need to get v v friendly with it!!

So... by my maths.. I have 30 kilos to go... (less than that, because according to the scales I have lost about 1.5 kilos since Wednesday but will know after my pop-in at 10am!)

I hope to lose 2kg a week (which I know is unpredictable, but based on weeks when I haven't lapsed, this is below average 4 me), for the next 10 weeks... 20 kilos... and that would leave me 10 kilos above "normal" to move on to RtM...

OK... That was really long winded, but who knows/has an expectation of when they will be finished (when I say finished, I mean off abstinence, and on to RtM)

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I'm not sure on exact dates but I'm hoping to hit my 11 stone mark in mid september... then I want to head for management to lose the other 7-8lbs... maybe quicker than that (depending on my body!!) or maybe a little after that but I'm just happy to have a time frame to aim for... yours sounds like a good plan Claire... good luck matey :)


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I think the end of June Claire to start RTM but maybe sooner maybe later. I have never lapsed (yet) so if I keep this up I'd say I had another 10 to 12 weeks more to rtm.


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I'm starting RtM in just under 2 weeks - I still have 2 stone to lose, but would rather lose that by healthy eating and going to the gym, that way I will now that I have control of my weight, and can lose it myself if I want to. That will support me in the future.

Also, as I have a family wedding in July - don't want to be tucking into a bar when everyone else is tucking into wedding breakfast. Should be on week 10 RtM at that point


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I aim to finish in mid July and do a mini rtm - as I'm going to Italy for a month camping at the end of July. I reckon that I should be nearly at goal then - then when I come back I aim to lose the rest of the weight following a healthy eating plan and good exercise, to be honest I've discussed with hubby that I might do ww when I come back.

I'm also thinking of reducing my goal by possibly a stone - I'm currently aiming for 8st 9lb (but only chose that as it was exactly half of my starting weight) but might go more for the 9st 7lb / 9st 9lb as it's probably more realistic for my age/size ..... but will decide upon that nearer to the event.

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Well, I checked my spread sheet, and my target date for my current goal is the end of August. Was hoping to be done in July. But what's another month, ay? But that just re-enforces my desire to be abstainant for the month we are in California. Don't want to delay it any longer trhen that!! lol

And as I get closer to goal, may adjust it. I just chose the weight I remember myself as being my slimmest, and it was also half my body weight. As I get closer, I may adjust it up if it begins to feel to unrealistic for my heighth/age/etc.....time will tell. :)


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I haven't even decided on my goal yet!

I originally I was going to start RTM at 10 and a half, then 10, now I'm even thinking of 11 (normal BMI). I was gonna just go until I was happy, but I don't feel any different to when I started and I KNOW I am, so I don't really trust my own opinion :confused:


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I have another 3.1stone to go which I should do in the next three months. It almost seems unreal to me to know that I will FINALLY have reached that goal.
Also have some hols planned a week in Croatia in September and 3 weeks in SA in November.
and I am still scared of what will happen when I have to eat again!!!


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I AM going to be at my goal by the 1st September I have a minimum of 4 more stone to go
I am going to do my 14 weeks and then RTM no matter how much weight I've lost, then I'll continue with a low GI plan and exercise to try and shift some more. I'm using LL as a huge kickstart because I found that going to the gym 4 times a week alone wasn't working. :rolleyes:

The counselling is helping address the food issues and self sabotage that I do so hopefully that will be easier - the exercise is the easy bit. :D


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I'm wanting to get to 10 and a half stone, it was 9st 10 but have changed it as I am happy with 10st 7. I've never lost less than 3lbs in a week (up to now) so based on that hopefully should be around 8 weeks left for me. Hopefully should be in RTM by june

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