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When do your legs change shape???

have been lurking quite a while, just wondering all you dedicated dieters, when did you finally start to change shape? I have lost just short of 5 stone now combination of LL and CD and im quite happy about it all ,am down to a size 16 :party0019: but have always had huge legs and calves, I have lost some inches of them but not compared to the rest of me. I know ,I know I'm likely to have large legs always ,but did anyone else find this, I'm trying jeans on that are too tight in the legs and too big in the waist and that's not even skinny fit!!!- don't even go there!!!! just wish it would balance out. other quick question, does anyone know how the size 16 in topshop is , is it 16 or really a 12 ??
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Hi Handbag Queen, i am having the same problem with my legs. I used to wear a size 26-28 and now I am an 18. My legs however are still very big, i have just ordered the LegMagic exercise equipment and will work on my legs that way, however it is extremley hard.


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Yep I think I am going to have to do Pilates or Yoga or something to change the shape I am in!
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Now I seem to remember one of the girls on the LL forum last year, cerulean, she lost loads and said that her legs were the last thing to slim down so there is hope yet


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I,too, always had large legs but I found walking briskly really slimmed them down when I was losing weight. Walking did wonders for my bot too.
Thanks everyone, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one, I think you are all right though, am really going to have to blow the dust off my stepper and get on it. If only i could be as motivated to get on that as I am to go shopping!! ...seems I have traded one addiction for another, but i think i was in first form(v.v.long time ago!!) the last time I could fit into a 16 and i just can't help it.
I too suffered with the larger leg syndrome lol! I am pleased to say that they are finally reducing in size to match the rest of me!

I have also started running recently and that has made a real difference to the shape - gaps between my thighs who would have believed it!!

Keep going, and they will catch up with the rest of you - its really interesting how we put on and lose weight - I always assumed it would be equal across my body.



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Hi Hun

I am exactly the same. I've lost 5 1/2 stone now with really on ly 1 1/2 to go and it must all be on my legs!!! I am a Size 12 on top 14 on bottom - the only thing stopping me from getting into the 12s - My HUGE thighs!!! I have NO bottom, NO waist but ginormous thighs eeeeekkk! :eek:


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PS - forgot to tell you all this!

When I did Lighter Life my calves went down from 17.5" to 15.25". I was highly delighted because I had never been able to go into a shop and buy knee high boots, I'd always had to buy them from calf-fitting boots specialists thus paying a fortune!

Anyway I kind of have been thinking my legs feel a lot firmer, so I decided to measure my calves again, and they've gone down to 14.75", so I've lost another half an inch despite putting weight on since finishing LL!!!! I can only put this down to one thing - the extra walking!!!! Hopefully my thighs will follow suit!

yo-yo-dieter believes the extra walking is helping her legs to slim down.

See her post above.

Love Mini xxx
I have huge legs and a small waist, so i am also in the same boat! Really can't wait to have slim legs, but i think they will be the last past of me to slim down unfortunately

Deb G

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Sometimes you can't change your given body shape that much! I;ve always had hips and a bum, and even though I am a size 10 now, the weight I have left is STILL on my hips and bum. My hips have gone down to 38inches, but my bone structure underneath won't make them go any smaller. I also have big thighs - but that's from my endurance riding.

I think we need to get to the best that we can be, given our natural body shape, and learn to live with ourselves like that. I've accepted my hips cos I now have a tiny waist, and its obvious to all that my hips are boney rather than fat!

Hope that helps!
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I am exactly the same - I HATE MY CALVES, they are huge. I never skirts, dresses, knee boots, shorts etc. My sister calls me Miss Trunchball (from Matilda) because they are completely out of proportion with the rest of me. I have slimmed down to 12/14 in the past and I still couldn't get boots to fit me! I think the weight always comes off the place you want most last.

Btw Top Shop jeans are not designed for women with curves. Oasis do some lovely jeans and they are a much nicer fit.

Congrats on your weight loss!

Susan xx
I am the most pear shaped person in the entire universe :sigh:

My thighs are absolutely humungous compared to the rest of me, and unfortunately I know that they're never going to be any different. I've even had liposuction to try and correct the problem (which it didn't). I can't believeI've just told you all that, nobody knows I even had it done as I was too ashamed to tell anyone :eek:

I got down to 10 stone a few years ago and ended up with a top half size 12 and was still in size 16 trousers. I haven't been able to wear a dress for many, many years as everything is either too tight on the thighs or massive on the top if I get a size to fit my legs.

Trousers are also a nightmare as everything is big on the waist compared to my bum and thighs, which is why I have hardly any clothes and nothing looks nice on me.

Crikey, I wish I hadn't started typing this - I'm depressed now :cry:

Deb G

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My thighs are TONS smaller - but they will never be tiny and stick like. I don't recognise them when I look down at them (when I'm sitting) cos they look like my mum's thin legs - I can't connect them as being mine - yet!
Well done dancing, your pics look great, you can really see a massive difference.

I have huge thighs too but as i'm only 11 days in i've got a long way to go before I know what is going to happen. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and have started walking on an evening so hopefully that will help.


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My thighs are big and probably always will be but the part that worries me most is my upper arms which areenormous! I used to swim competitively and thay have always been big since then. If they do reduce there will be so much loose skin I won't know what to do with it!

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