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When im out and about i feel like a lout!


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Morning all!

I bet most of you can relate to this, but when im out and we end up going for a meal at a pub or a restaurant, i feel like such an annoyance! :p

My boyfriend always trys to help me point out dishes that would be good, only to reply 'but im having a red day today' i really love how he tries to help me but then he orders burger and chips and takes AGES to eat it, while if already scoffed down my jacket potato!

Another thing, i hate ordering my food as i feel a right pain, the conversation with the waiter usually goes something like this;

W: 'hi, what can i get you'
M: 'Hi, yeah ermm id like the gammon steak please'
W: so thats one gammon steak'
M: but. Can you make sure that its grilled with no fat on, oh and if it comes with a pineapple can you tell me if its fresh or from a tin'
W: 'yes, its definitely grilled and the pineapple is also fresh, ill ask for fat removed'
M: 'Thanks, oh and no butter or sauce on the jacket potato'
W: 'ok, so no sauce or butter'
M: 'no dressings on the salad either, and i dont want avacado with it thanks'
W: 'ok then, no dressings or avacado'
M: 'oh and the mixed vegetables it comes with, what are the vegetables?'
W:'I believe they are carrots, peas and sweetcorn'
M: 'oh'
W: 'is that a problem?'
M:'well ermm can i just have a full serving of only carrots then in that case?'
W:'Im sure we will be able to sort that for you'
M: 'oh and...'
W:'no butter?'

and so the story ends...

Anyone else know what im talking about?
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Mrs V

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Hi Laura. I agree that this can often be a pain, but you are in control!
If you know that you are going to end up going out for a pub meal, why not switch to an EE day instead? That way there are more options open to you and you can have the peas and sweetcorn with your meal!
Even before I was on a diet I always had a plain jacket potato as I dont like them with anything on. Lol.

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Haha. don't worry, i do it. Im paying, they don't like it, i'l go somewhere else :D

and be strong, dont let them think you wont say anything if it comes with somthing you havnt asked for or have asked to be removed, then you wont end up sending it back loads just because they think you wouldnt notice or have the guts to say! LOL x
I don't care! I'm paying good money for my food so want it how I want it and if it's a decent restaurant then they shouldn't mind.

I agree with Mrs V, always always follow EE when you go out for a meal. As for gammon, it doesn't matter if it's grilled with the fat on, just don't eat it when it comes out. As for butter on veg or jackets, tell them you are dairy intolerant, they won't put it on then!!


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Hey laura, that post made me smile lots. Especiallt he "no butter" at the end.