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when is it likely someone will notice ?

hi all :) , i know i have a long long way to go and this diet won't work overnight but , when do people tend to notice a change in you ? i know myself i have lost a bit of weight due to going down two notches on my belt and being able to fasten all three of my coats/jackets when i could not fasten any of them 3 weeks ago, but when generally do others notice ?
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Hi there, with me it was round about the 2 stone mark. I could tell the difference, like you said with clothes, but others couldn't really tell. Keep going your doing really well.
No one at work really noticed my loss until last Friday when we were out of uniform and in casual. It is nice when someone recognises the hard work we are all doing :D
I agree with laststraw, keeping the same clothes makes it harder for people to tell, *especially* if you have been able to hide some of your weight quite well, as most people will still just see "you" as they always did - don't forget, most people (despite what we may think in our heads) pay very little attention to someone's actual body (well, unless we kinda like them ;) :p )
It's like shoes - when was the last time you actually, really took notice of what someone else had on their feet? It's only when a shoe is OBVIOUSLY just out of the box that you might coment "ooh, new shoes?" (but maybe thats more a guy thing tho :p )

I think that other's will notice when someone wears something new and smaller (so they can't help but notice) or when someone loses the excess fat (chin/s, chubby cheeks etc) around their face.

And of course, some people may feel uncomfortable with the subject at the risk of offense/hurt feelings etc. and so not comment at all!
You all make sense.......It's a good feeling, the TNT man told me I was looking good the other day, haven't seen him for a couple of months and it gave me a real lift...
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I agree with you Pete, most people are nervous about bringing the whole 'Have you lost weight' issue up until there has been a vast transformation and they know their not going to offend you in anyway.
exactly, the phrase "have you lost weight?" is basically just a nice way of saying "you used to be a bit fat mate, but you're looking better now", and so if someone loses a few pounds, and you don't know if they intended to or not, it's a hell of a risk to say anything!

But yes, if they are obvioulsy losing, like was said, being 2 stone down, others know that it's not just a slight change, and that chances are you are really trying for it :)

Mind you, family can be a different matter.
My Nan and Grandad (who are pretty much both life-long obese'rs, weighing in at around 25st and21st respectivly) have a very skewed look on the subject - last time I noticeably lost weight (down to around 18st I think, due to having girlfriend, exercising and eating better due to being happy!) a comment was made along the lines of
"you're looking a bit thin lad, you wanna get a few meals in 'yer, c'mon we'll go to the chippy to get me and ya nan's lunch, you can get yourself some decent food!"

So, erm, yeah..........I suppose an 18st 6' guy might look OK next to a 5'1" 24 stone woman......but still!!! :eek:
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1 stone loss, no one noticed
2 stone loss, 2 people noticed, 1 said 'have you lost a few pounds', someone said I had good skin
3 stone loss, several people telling me I 'look well/look good' without mentioning that I might have lost weight, several people remarking I have lost weight.

Want to lose another 2 stone, do wonder if some people will clock that I have shrunk once I have lost 5 stone!
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I am on my 7th week and peple started noticing on my 5th week, because i was wearing smaller clothing, when i was wearing the same old clothes that were too big, noone noticed.When i walked into my group my llc noticed and said i looked good.I swear by the clothes you wear too, if they are too big then no one can see your real weight.It also depends on the person.Most people dont like to comment on weight issues noone ever said oh wow you gained loads of weight, but now they say you have lost weight and oh dont you look well ect.


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The only people who have said I look slimmer are the people I have told. I am looking fwd to someone noticing who doesn't know im on LL!! Ill get there and as long as you know yourself that your losing thats the main thing!

I lost a lot of weight a few years ago ( have nearly put it all back on) and it took about 3 stones before anyone mentioned it and that was work collegues who were loosing weight alongside me. People do tip toe around the subject especially if they`ve only known you as being overweight. I had lost about 5 stones before I got the wow reactions from people who hadn`t seen me for a while. So stick in there.

i would say it also depends on how often you see people those that see me all the time noticed a change after a few weeks more in myself than how i looked. but people that dont see me often really notice it more.
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Totally agree with Oliviasmummy - if people see you most days, it takes a while before they notice a big shift in weight.

the great thing is when people have not seen you since you started losing - they really notice!

I wasn't recognised the other day - someone thought my OH was at the pub with his mistress!!! It was a joyous moment.

LRO xx

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