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When motivation wanes

Hello... well firstly well done! :) You've done fab. I'm not sure but I dio agree with you. I am now on week 12 of foundation and I definitely went through different phases. In the beginning I was so driven and determined and lost 2 stone very quickly...then I guess I wasn't so desperate so I did lapse a bit and for about 3 or 4 weeks was having bits of things I shouldn't of had. However I then got towards the end and thought...well this is silly I have hardly any time left if I bite the bullet now then the sooner I lose it the sooner I get my life back.

Saying that I stayed the same last week for now reason so hoping for a big loss tomorrow.

Good luck x


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I have a couple of stones to lose and struggling with the motivation but so long as i do not gain then i will cope.

Aaaaagh - i am so angry for letting myself get as i did. I need that first week feeling again. I won't have it until they let me abstain again but i can't until i am 12 weeks post fracture.:sigh:
This is a phenomenon which seems to hit people around the half way mark. I have lost 4 st and have 3 to go so almost in the same boat as you. I know I went through a phase roughly 11/12wks in and half way where I felt I just couldn't keep it up and that nothing in the world was worth this and that I needed a drink! I was feeling very sorry for myself and to make matters worse I only had small losses and I had a very bad week at work.

However I just put the head down and rode out the storm as it were! I am so delighted and so proud of myself that I didn't cave in and things are much easier now. I am still as motivated as ever and people are really beginning to notice and that is spurring me on even more! It will pass you just need to keep on and try not to think about it too much. I know it's no miracle cure but I thought I would just re-assure you that it happens to other people and they have come out the other side.


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When you have a lot of weight to reduce then the value of reducing the weight is very high, it is usually so high that you value reducing the weight more than you value the emotional benefit of eating.

Therefore when you have reduced some of the weight then you don't need it as much, therefore suddenly the value of reducing weight and the value of the benefit match each other, this tends to be a balance point and why people say they can get to a certain weight but then seem to lose the will to finish the job off.

Therefore you need to look at the strategies you are running, it is a mind read but if you are running an away from strategy i.e. I don't want to be big anymore then you tend to find that finishing the job off can be less easy.

If though you run a towards strategy i.e. I will be slim then the closer you get then the more the wind is behind you.


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