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when to begin is the question.....


loves minimins

I've been around on the forum for over a year now after a failed attempt but found out i was pregnant so i stopped LT i tried it again when baby was 3 months old but i couldn't drink the shakes so i thought if i waited till my sense of taste was back to how it was before i had my baby it might work out ok.....so baby is now 6 months old and here i am deciding on when to begin this epic journey, i turn 30 in 4 months and i am hoping to have lost a fair bit of weight by then so when do you thin i should begin??? after easter sunday or before??
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Very simply, only you know the answer to this. The 1st time I started 1 mth before Christmas yet still managed to lose over the holiday. This time I am struggling even getting started.

So I would say, forget about Easter Sunday or anything like that. The important thing is whether you are in the right mindset to do this. If you are then holiday weekends won't make a blind bit of difference. if not, you won't stick to it anyway.

So make a cup of tea and spend 5 or 10 mins talking to yourself to see if you are ready to do this.

Lel xx


loves minimins
i think i'll do just that hun so thanx for that.


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Hi Kelly :) Lelly is so right you'll just know when your ready to start!

This is my 3rd and last go at LT..i lost 2 stone in my 1st, kept it off and then it took me a year to get my head round into trying again, lost another 2 and maintained that for a year and then i decided 4 weeks ago that i wanted to shift my last 2 stone using it again, i made the decision on the Sunday and i started it on the Tuesday cos i just knew i had to do it that day or i'd put it off!! And its now week 3 :D

You've done it before so you know what to expect too and you sound like your fully prepared and ready to give it everything this time so good luck sweetie!!xx


loves minimins
thanks lou, i am very ready think i'll make tonight my last suer so to speak and then off i go so i know i wont eat no eggs on sunday then
Kelly honey, take some advice from a yo-yo expert. One of the most destructive things you can do to your dieting aims is to think of it as a prison sentence. So no more "last suppers" or "going on the wagon". Just get excited about all the lovely yummy healthy foods you're going to try and how much fitter and healthier you will be (and all the nasty diseases you will avoid).

I still have butter on my toast as I don't like margarine. But I only have 2 toast and I am good most of the rest of the time. I have the odd glass of wine (and the even ones as well) and an infrequent pizza but if the majority of my meals are well behaved and I don't cheat then it should still work.

Trust me, I have done the obsessive bit, when a fun evening was sitting weighing a box of all bran into 25g bags!

I also ended up borderline anorexic in school as I just gave up eating. So take a word from the wise and do this at your speed. Ignore all those "mean-wells" who will look down at your tasty healthy dinner and pass judgement. If you feel as though you are depriving your self you will not continue - it is human nature.

We have all been there and I am starting again now.

Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative.........

Lelly xx

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