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when to stop


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hi all,

silly question really but when do you plan to stop?

I have/had about 5 stone to loose and obviously am only a little way in, but when do I stop and start moving up the plans?
I will 'always' have to do some sort of diet management so was thinking Slimming World or something, but do I loose all on CD, or maybe 4 stone on CD, move up the plans and the last stone on SW??

Anyone any experience, I know there are lots of you out there that have lost and kept off (well done!), but could do with a bit of guidance if poss :confused:
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Okay, I'm confused. Are you saying that if Cambridge was really successful for you, you would then consider stopping it to go on another diet?

Isn't that a bit illogical? A bit like saying "If weight watchers works well and I can lose 4 stone on it, should I then move to SW?"

Sorry, but I don't get it :confused: Why wouldn't you want to lose it all on cambridge if it was working?:confused:


please try again
my plan is ss until bmi 25 ( prehaps moving to ss+ before this ) the 810 till goal before working my ways up the plans to maitenance


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I would stick with CD until the very end and you've reached your target. Like KD says it doesn't seem logical to switch to a different diet to lose the last bit. I do think I can see where you're coming from because I too am always going to have to do some kind of weight management plan too, and I intend to follow SW to maintain once I've finished CD. Purely because while there is still a structure, it's not too rigid and can be easily modified to allow for maintainance. I'm always going to need structure...

BUT I'm going to get to target with CD first because the losses I have on SW are nothing compared to CD and by switching over to lose the last stone for example, will just prolong things and I run the risk of losing interest and never quite making it to target.

The other thing is you absolutely need to work back up the plans when you're done, for several reasons, firstly to gradually get your body used to carbs, secondly it helps you remember what a portion looks like, thirdly, you'll lose a bit more weight moving up to maintainance, I'm sure there'll be more reasons than that too...
I am not sure at what stage I will consider myself 'done'. I was hoping to do CD all of the way and I am hoping I can get to about 8.5 stone but for now I am taking one day at a time.

good luck!
It's a long way away for me at the moment but I plan to SS until I reach goal then work my way up the plans.

For me, I want to get to a stage where I can enjoy food, and I mean everything that I love to eat but in moderation. And while some people would follow a weight plan to maintain I wouldn't like to be on a 'diet' for my whole life - that would be depressing but different strokes for different folks as they say.

But as I say it will be a while before I am at goal so I may change my mind completely by then lol. I'm sure as you get nearer to goal you'll find what is right for you. Best of luck with your journey.

Sharon xx

Big H

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Talking from experience (vast lol) I would not stop SS until yuo reach goal! Then work your way up the plans and you will lose a few more pounds. You are almost certain to gain some weight back, even if it takes a couple of months, this extra bit you lose will mean you don't go back up above goal. Also, when you do start eating again, you are going to have enough of a battle maintaining, never mind still having more weight to lose to reach your goal.


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thanks for all the positive replies, it helps to know what others have done, or indeed plan to do
I've spoken to my lovely CDC this morning and she has told me you can continue to be weighed with Cambridge, so that has made me feel loads better

and KD, no it wasn't illogical, it was a genuine question on what to do and how to do it ... but thanks for your comments anyway :)
I was going to make the same post!

I think I will stay as I am until goal xX


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I'm going to stick with CD SS+ (done every other soddin diet under the sun lol) until I get to target then work up the plans and maintain with a low GI plan
I talked it over with my cdc and she thinks it's best if I still loose another stone and a half and then move up to 810, slowly building up the plans so there's just 1 stone left from there on. And hopefully it will be gone by the time I can start eating 'normal' again, in a healthy way of course ;)


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thanks all, feel a lot better knowing it's not just me that worries what happens 'post' CD!

have a great weekend all x
thanks all, feel a lot better knowing it's not just me that worries what happens 'post' CD!

have a great weekend all x

Not at all! I was also wondering how it works when I read others saying about moving up the plans.

Before I started CD I was only getting 1000-1500 cals a day and was doing a lot of exercise and still wasn`t losing much :( So I would worry about moving up the plans until I was where I want to be. I am brilliant at maintaining but RUBBISH at losing weight :cry: So I am confidant of staying the right weight once I`m finished.

The only thing I`m panicking about it eating carbs again as I`m very carb sensitive :(

silly question but are you allowed to stay on SS / SS+ till goal? I thought there was a lower BMI for it?


Laugh in the face of food
There is, once your BMI is below 25 you need to move up the plans.
i did ss for quite a while but you get to a point where you know that you can't stay on ss any more as you are literally knackered with no energy. i was exercising so it came quicker for me. i moved to the 810 then progressed up to the 1200 as i had a root canal and sedation. i then couldn't drop back down again as i felt unable to do it again. i'm not quite at my ideal goal but decided after a few weeks of up and down and up and down that i'd had enough and was going to maintain for a bit. so i'm now technically on the 1500 plan and 1 shake a day - being weighed in 2 weeks.

plan is to stay the same for a bit and keep my exercising up and then maybe drop plans to get another 7lbs off then maintain again and then repeat to get to 11sts.

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