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When were you first aware?

Hi guys my question is .. when or what triggered and made you aware of your "weight" :confused:
For me I was a happy kid of 7 and one day my Dads friend was introduced and his first comment was "my shes a fine strappin lass" That was the day I stopped sitting on my Dads knee,:cry::cry: I never did the offered riding lessons for fear of breaking its back,:deadhorse: I opted out of PE,:whacky068: I never realised it was a compliment or that I wasnt over weight and my life has been afflicted with that thought since that day.
Even when i was a size 10/12 all through my 20s I felt big and I just wondered if there was a specific moment when you became aware? Maria x:(
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Hi, i am new here..
For me, it was a similar time..
my older sister was always very skinny.. i was normal, but because of her thinness, i was always referred to as 'the bigger one'!
my dad always considered me fat, as he was into fitness and sport in a big way and i wasnt..
so, all my life i have been the 'bigger lazy one'.. but when i look at pics of myself, as i was never more than a size 14 up until my 40's....
but all my childhood and teens i thought i was huge.. needless to say, i never had a close relationship with my dad!
Hi leoleoleo I am on your wave length and welcome to all your new friends,:553: it also didnt help that my adopted brother (who was two years older than me) was a good head smaller in height and of very slight indian build so had the jet black hair, chocolate eyes and looked so cute yet was a nasty bully to me when no one else around.:cry::cry:
Oh dear Im starting to sound like a therapists dream.:psiholog: Im a very happy, fun person now and have got thru many difficult trials but my weight is the one issue that needs resolving ..now! Good luck with your losses. Maria x


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mine was in my thirties, and we was at a new year eves party. when my friend steve was in charge of the music, and said this ones for lynda. and he put on. dance with a big fat woman. I am 5ft 7 and weighed at that time about 13stone, and in size 14, and didnt see myself as big, from that day i have struggled , and also feel it was the start of me having a very unhealthy relationship with food. and the beggining of me yo yoing
Oh Ive had eating disorders since 16,my dad was a volient alcoholic so my mum gave us food to comfort us and by me eating she used to always say really well done,where she had an awful time with my dad I suppose I just by eating in my eyes gave her some happiness,also money was tight so I wanted to be good and not cause upset.
Then I stopped eating at 16 was 6 stone ate 1 slice of toast a day and then at 17 met my exhubby whos also an alcoholic and we ate out alot I put on 1/2 a stone then the yoyo cycle started.......That 1/2 stones fault lol
So here I am and comfort eating out of boredum loneliness and frustration made me fat
Never Diet is all I can say to everyone now its my moto,change your life plan to healthy eating and exercise Diets never work xx
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Its horrible how we let peoples unthoughtful comments effect us so much!

Mine was when I was in middle school so about 10 maybe, I wasn't huge but developed very young while still having puppy fat.

My mum, with my best interest at heart, but not very good with words, sat me down on my bed one evening and suggested I go on a diet! I joined SW at that age, and ever since have been confused and screwed up about food! Of course there were many other moments in life that didn't help, but i remember thinking if my own mother thinks i'm fat, what does the rest of the world think!!xx

Dia Dhuit Puisín

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For me it was when I was around 7. I had had an allergic reaction to a sweet (still avoid synthetic red food colouring like the plague) and it had left me with severe oedema in my thighs. My GP had referred me to a consultant to see if they could see exactly what it was that I was allergic to (they didn't know back then.) The (f***ing b) of a consultant comes over and says "Well we're going to have to get a bacon slicer to get rid of these." Granted I was a little overweight back then but I was also the height of a 10 year old at the time.
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i remember being 15 and just feeling fat when i started secondary school,,looking back i wasnt but i felt i was.have realised a trick my grandparents used to do has my body totally confused also as i never know when i'm full.i'd come in for dinner they'd tell me i had it and convince me i did and then tell me they joking i didnt have it all,,:)
102.. looking at your pics, you are doing well!

irish... still struggle with any kind of relationship with my dad.. even though i am in my 50's and he in his 80's! still, this time i am doing it for me, not anyone else, so i am really going to give it my best.... !


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when growing up with my step mum she was massive an has now had a gastric band which i dont agree (got it on nhs an i dont think its fair when that money could be used for sick ppl) anyway she always said i was 'fat', or 'u cant wear that it makes u look big'. so from the age of 16 i was always worring about it. but it wasnt till 4 yrs ago i got to where i am now, after getting pregnant i ate loads, and stress in my life since with housing problems and problems with parents i have relied on food for comfort and tried all sorts of diets for 4 years. but now i am serious as im not happy in the way i look

hope this made sense
There is such support here for everyone and together and in time our goals will be reached and we will embrace the new us and let go of the hurt. Thanks so much for sharing everyone and please feel free to add any progress to this thread or break throughs so I can see how your all doing? Hugs Maria xxx

miss bee

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hey irish:)
one of the first times i realised i was a 'big girl' was when i was probably about 10 or 11,(and of course i was'nt a big girl at all,yet!)i was skipping down the road(as you do)and some blokes in a van drove past and started shouting really loud about what a 'lovely big pair'i had!!needless to say,that was the start of the 'big cover up' for me,and 100% the end of skipping down the road!!
i hated my boobs for years,cos people always used to comment on them(what is it that makes people think they have the god given right to comment on a strangers body,i'll never know?:mad:)
but have to say,over more recent years,thankfully i have grown to quite appreciate them,and though there was a time i never would dream i would say it,they are the one thing i'd hate to go completely(just a couple of cup sizes will do,ha ha)
rock on big boobs!!!


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I was always skinny until I had kids. I put on 3 stone with each pregnancy, and only lost 1 stone immediately after each labour. I lost the 2nd stone over the first year after each birth. I have 4 children. So I ended up 4 stones heavier. Over the years I struggled to lose the excess, and yoyo dieting began.

Then I had an ectopic pregnancy...the day I was released from hospital after losing the baby and my right fallopian tube, my Dad called to tell me had cancer and only had a few months left to live. It was exactly 1 week to my wedding. I fell to bits. By my 1st wedding anniverary I managed to put on an additional 5.5 stones by comfort eating througout the year.

Our photos of our first anniversary were a shocker to me. I knew my clothes were tighter, bigger, but we didn't have weighing scales or a full length mirror. It was a shock to say the least. I have struggled with my weight and obesity ever since :(
:)Hi guys The thing that amazes me from all our stories is the way we all deal with pain by eating food,:17729: and it brings us really no comfort at all as we become even larger and more self loathing.:cry::cry:
How many times have we all seen an outfit in a shop and bought it thinking how nice it "might" look only to end up sobbing:cry: when we see our true reflection and the next day join the queue for refunds.
Miss Bee ( now my good friend) If that comment while you skipped had never been made how would your life have turned out? and Sueschoices when faced with that much stress who could blame you for reaching for a source of comfort?
So how will we all change habits that for me (if you read my earlier post) started at 7 .:confused: I get so tired of trying to follow the advice "dont think diet,think life plan" or its a green day or a red day" or "must drink more water" or "must write everything down" when my slim friends just seem to eat anything they want anytime they want. :mad:Is it a metabolism or mental or meant to be?I get more confused with each year and always think "this is the year it will all happen for good"
Does anyone relate? Maria xxx:eek:


Life's full of choices
S: 18st10lb C: 16st0lb BMI: 37.3 Loss: 2st10lb(14.5%)
I can relate very much so, but this time I'm doing EE and it seems more like my normal way of eating than a diet. I dont go without anything, I make a Slimminmg world version of it. I look at my slim friends and yes they eat anything, but not in the large quantities I used to. Their one pack of crisps would be a whole multi-pack for me.

miss bee

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well tbh,that comment was only the first of many,and there were so many other things in my childhood that i know without doubt helped me become a comfort eater,and a self hater,that i dont think it would have made much difference if those blokes in the van had'nt said a thing!
i just wish i'd known that a size 12 was perfectly fine for my height and build when i reached puberty(i was 5'8 at age 12/13),instead of thinking something was very wrong cos i wasnt a size 6 or 8 like all the other girls,who were nowhere near my height at the time.
i remember being 14 stone by the time i was 14 and then a bit of a traumatic time during that year is where it all went badly wrong with my comfort eating and weight gain,over a period of 2 months i went up to nearly 18 stone!
have been battling it ever scince!
no point wondering too much what might have been if things had'nt been the way they were,just got to sort it out once and for all now!
too much thinking:eek:makes me feel sad:(
and i dont want to end up grabbing for the cookie jar again(ha ha)!!:)

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