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when will sickness stop?


a new way of living!
I feel sick again, had a burst of energy earlier for like, 5 mins, then walked the dog for 1/2 hour, had a cuppa (black earl grey) now feel really puke'y again.

will sickness stop soon? pe'd on a ketostick and not showing any ketones at all. but i do have fury mouth, feel like *****, and no energy...

am i just expecting too much? determined to stick it out, but knowing the feelings will go soon would defo make me feel better .
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Eloquent hooligan
I swear to you on my sisters best friends cousins pet rabbit's life.... you WILL feel better soon :) The 1st week can be the pits but it all soon passes... have the paracetamol to hand, a cold flannel for the forehead, loads of water & an early night after a pampering hot bath...

You'll soon be reeet - promise :D xx

Stay focused - you can do this :)
best time to check for ketone is 1st thing before you have had any fluid water can dilute your wee and affect the test

as for the sickness dont really know but hope you feel better soon x


soon to be minnie mouse
persevere until 1st WI and the euphoria from your loss will make it all worth while promise
HD, actually how close was you and bug's????
Of course it gets better otherwise we'd all be moaning lol xx


Eloquent hooligan


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U will feel better 2mro. Stick with the plan. U'll be on top of the world after ur first weigh in. Keep smiling :D


a new way of living!
listerine actives

many thanks folks, i remembered that the pharm gave me some listerine actives and said i can use these without breaking keto, so i tried one and it really helped. i read on the web, that both LT and CD can cause nausea as side effects as the body gets used to the minerals in shakes and also just before going keto, so i am hoping its good news.

i think it helps knowing that you cant eat anything, cause there is no 'can i have it cant i have it, can i talk myself into or out of eating something not on plan' cause there is NOTHING on the plan lol! normally i actually used to cope with sickness by eating something! doh! the more i dont eat the more i realise how dumb i was for eating at the wrong times.

so for anyone reading feeling puke'y, get the listerine actives out (they are little strips that you pop on your tongue) they taste like mouth wash.

all the best
MsBlonde, I'm guessing you are close to ketosis so hang in there and give yourself some pampering and an early night.

Your first WI will give you all the encouragement you need to keep you going.

Good luck hun.

it sounds like you are very close to Ketosis, so only 8 days of feeling poo left, dont worry!

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