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When you are ill

My oldest son has swine flu :( Im being to feel a bit 'off' as well now. What on earth will I do if I get ill while I'm on SS?? What can I have medicine/lozenge wise? I'm hopig it comes to nothing but my throat is beginning to niggle. And its my Christmas party in a week's time :cry:
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I think when you are ill it is recommended you go up to 810 (don't quote me on that, but sure I saw it somewhere). I guess it makes sense, you need the energy to fight off the illness and build your immunity. I'm not sure about the lozenges, perhaps the spray would be better... but when it boils down to it your health is more important, so whatever is needed to get better. Though I always find the lozenges don't really do a huge amount that a paracetemol wouldn't do, and really I just like the taste.

I hope you feel better soon, there seems to be a lot of things going round.
I've emailled my CDC this mornig for some advice. I'm feeling worse today and my throat feels like razor blades. I'm reluctant to take anything at the mo except paracetamol and ibuprofen. And I was supposed to go xmas shopping later :(
My CDC hasnt got back to me about what I should do. I have got swine flu :( Is there a CDC here who can advise me what to stick to on CD while I'm not well please?


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Oh no, Poor you :(

You need to be on 1200 or above whilst you have the symptoms as you need more nutrition to fight the infection.

Hope you feel better shortly :hug99:
Thankyou, 1200 it is then. I hope I dont gain :( Can I take lozenges?
Got in touch with my CDC, she couldnt advise me!!! She did say play it by ear, see how I feel on what amount I want to eat. She thought that with all the vitamins, etc that I get in SS, I should be ok. 1200 looks too much for me to prepare, at the moment anyway. Would I be ok on 810??

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