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when you really want more...

Some days i get so piggish that its all about how much i can have rather than a normal size meal. Does anyone else feel like this? What do you do to satisfy this craving?

I do one of two things: i either have a large of water and go and do something.

Or i have this;

A sainsbury's Be Good to yourself small pot of cottage cheese. 5 sweet onions ryvitas and then some cucumber,tomato, yellow pepper. Today i added some lettuce. (This is approx about 400 calories.)

How does everyone else cope?

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I dont, end of lol thats why i am on these tablets, but the bingeing is creeping back so am going to start writing how i feel down and have a word with nurse on Tues, if i do snack and am being good i will have a yogurt or some tinned fruit.
i always want more......... these tabs def have an effect because it does stop me going over board.... i have to think what if!!!! when i go out tomorrow i have a problem because i pigged out :)
I have some ryvita mini's (0. something grams of fat) per bag, I like the salt and vinegar ones because I was missing crisps. Also 2 snack a jacks (caramel as thats the only one I can find in the rules) tend to fill me up. If you like marsh mellows I have a couple of those but I melt them over a flame (fills me up quicker for some reason and I have about 3 and I'm full lol)

Water doesn't work for me, it just makes me feel sick then I feel hungry again about 15 minutes later lol

I can't overeat like I used to (and I seriously overate before ... as in 1 box of ferrero rocher in an evening easily) but even on healthy food, I feel sick if I overeat, which didn't used to happen. One thing I find works though, is to eat only when your hungry and when the feeling of being hungry and really enjoying your food fades, stop eating for a while and put your knife and fork down. If you still feel hungry after a few minutes then carry on, doing the same thing again. That way you can gauge how much your body really needs and work out portion sizes from there. Another thing is use a smaller plate, it looks fuller then putting food on a large plate. :) :)

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