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When youknow youa re ready for RTM

Have been experiencing some blackouts recently, not fainted or fallen, just noticed that my vision goes dark for about 4-7 seconds and i cant see.

Now i know the medical reason behind it and this happens if i get up too quickly from a resting position, BP is low and suddenly you have a blackout or mini blackout as a result.

Has anyone else had this, im guessing its time for RTM and this is what my councellor meant by "your body will tell you"
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Hi Huseyin,
I suffer from postural hypotension, I used to suffer from it occasionally when i was younger but it seems to be more prevalent now i'm on lighterlife particularly after exercise. I've been told its not treatable.
Maybe it is your body telling you it is time for RTM!


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Had this from week 3, and still do when I get up to quickly - but as you all assured me my blood pressure isn't that low.

And I'll be honest and say I did have this pre LL too - just not as often - so I'm not worried.

I know I'm no where near ready enough to go into RTM.
Jess - Believe you are right and so as of next week im on RTM

Em- i have had it before LL too, when you are resting and you get up too quickly the blood rushes up straight to the head real quickly, when resting the BP is lower naturally, that is what i was indicating by the initial post.

Im just trying to grasp how common this is because at the start and even on aitkins, i believe its linked to ketosis in my case and it seems to be the case with many others.


Carpe diem, baby!
H, I get this even now I am off any diet, because some days I am just fatigued and have used up all of my glycogen stores and perhaps haven't drunk enough fluids that day...it might be time for you to introduce food again...it might be one of those weeks when your body is trying to readjust...all the weight loss and chemical changes must be quite a handful to deal with (although our bodies are remarkable things!)...it can be a sign of dehydration (but I guess it won't be as you're an old hand at this now) and just fatique (which is common on any vlcd)...hang in there for a bit longer until you reach goal, or if you are happy with where you are at, go for RTM...best o' luck with either, you've done soooo well!!!
We all have that happen, time and again. But I know what you are talking about H.

I experienced a lot of light headedness in the last 2-3 weeks of abstainance. Never a black out, but very lightheaded and very dizzy. Not what I had happen occassionaly before - it was differfent. I do believe it is your body talking to you.
I have this and it's getting worse. I definitely think that for the past few weeks I've not been drinking enough water really, and it might be to do with that, but it mainly happens late afternoon. However, it's started happening all day and the feeling is a lot worse too - I went so black for much longer over the last couple of days and on Monday when it happened in work I went a bit nauseous too and thought I was going to pass out.

I'm also starting to feel really hungry, like real ravenous empty hunger. I definitely don't think it's emotional hunger.

I have about 10-12lb that I want to lose still before starting RTM and my plan, discussed with my group and LLC is that we are all going to start RTM in three weeks time. I don't want to do it before then.

But I do think that my body is trying to stop me now and it wants f**d!!! It's not getting it though!
i get spells of this throughout abstinance and have been having them really bad thiweek and very tired and a bit low feeling moving to rtm on mon think its time now


...we're sinking deeper.
My boyfriend did experience really bad dizzy spells and blackout moments when getting up after his 12st loss... I did as well after a few months of LL... I think a few people in my groups experienced it too, so it must be fairly common.
Be careful, get up more slowly at least until you're a couple of weeks into RTM, it will go away. :)


nearly there!! :)
lol guy!!

i get this to...went doc and he checked my bp getting up and down and its nothing to do with this.
i was told i have vertigo, and its caused by summat in your inner ear. he put me on tabs for it!! be careful cause i blacked out and fell head first into the door frame...was quarr sore lol!!


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I'm pretty sure everyone has times where their body tells them its time to go onto RTM.

I have to admit that I was quite light headed this morning, nearly went to sit on the floor in the loo - but feel okay now.

I know I am not ready for RTM - But something in my head has shifted that past two weeks and I am not scared of it. In all honestly, part of me has been saying that I'm ready to stop this and manage myself, with LL holding my hand rather than propping me up. I have just posted a big post in the Jan starters about it as well.

I think its a mind/body combo that has to be right to be honest.


Carpe diem, baby!
Basically the fatigue and the dizziness, etc are side effects of long term (all the vlcds are used beyond an 8 week point which is usually when the medical profession and the other experienced people in the realms of nutrition/sports/dieting suggest a change of strategy, a break from the diet for two or so weeks and then back onto the low calories again) dieting on low calories (very low calories in this instance)...this is not to say vlcds are unsafe, as it has been proven that they can be used up to a year (well not a vlcd as such, but ketogenic diet which still relies on ketone levels) safely...it is the body reacting to varying levels of hormones, chemicals, lack of glycogen, lack of some minerals and even vitamins (not all of them can be absorbed by the body even from the food packs) ketones in the blood and urine...all sorts of very complex things that happen without us even thinking about them...it affects the thyroid in some, hormones in others and it affects everyone slightly differently, although from time to time we tend to display similar reactions to the chemical changes within our bodies...all in all it does affect the metabolism which in itself is a drastic change...

Also if you think of it another way, people on vlcds and also those who have had surgical procedures are actually on long term crash diets (and by long term I mean longer than a month or two which is usually the cut off point for drastic dieting)...it is a strain on the human body, no matter how resilient we like to think it is...
EmVeg said:
I'm pretty sure everyone has times where their body tells them its time to go onto RTM.

...something in my head has shifted that past two weeks and I am not scared of it. In all honestly, part of me has been saying that I'm ready to stop this and manage myself, with LL holding my hand rather than propping me up

I know what you mean EmVeg, this past week or so I have been feeling the exact same way. I know that I want to lose at least another stone, but every second of the day it just feels like my body is saying "I've had enough of this" and it's getting very, very hard to ignore it, to the point where I am fighting myself all the time, not over wanting to eat food, but my body telling me it really needs me to.

I spent most of yesterday shivering, feeling cramps in my stomach and being extremely light-headed. OK, it could well be that I'm actually not well and nothing to do with the VLCD, but I'm pretty sure that it is.

I'm going to do my best to ignore it and perservere for the next 7 days at least, as I've heard many times that 'the last stone is the hardest' and so on, but if I'm still feeling the same way this time next week than I think I am going to ask to move to RTM and get that last bit off during that with proper exercise etc. that I just can't manage to do with only having the packs lately.


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Pete, I think if your mind and body have got to the point, then you need to listen to it. I'm not saying stop now, as you say taking it one bit at a time is the way to go, but when you KNOW, go for it. You are one person I have very little doubt will be extremely successful whenever you decide to do this, and for many years in the future!

I know I am not there yet, I feel my mind is there (WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT WOULD HAPPEN!!!) but I know I have a little more to give on the body side. I said in Jan starters that I want to get into the "healthy" bracket for me (which is 13lb away), but anything past that is what I WANT to lose, and not what I NEED to.

I feel a bit strange saying all this, I have been doing this for 6 weeks only, so I feel a bit cheeky. I just think something upstairs has clicked and seen that the body and image side is not the be all and end all upstairs.

I feel content, and happy to carry on for now, but as soon as I feel I'm ready, no matter where I am I think I will go for it - you never know, it may even be before the 14 weeks.
I agree Pete - not sure what it is, but it's definitely getting harder. I keep wondering if it's psychological, but I am much dizzier a lot more. I've also still got that hunger and the packs are starting to get really bleugh now! I know that people do it for a lot longer but I can't believe it can all be because I know I've nearly finished abstinence. I think physically that I've not got loads of fat left to keep burning, but I'm determined to lose this last 10lb or so that I have left.

I'm really read to eat something now though!

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