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i always try and do the 30 ds in the morning, to get it over and done with :eek:
im doing the c25k in the afternoon/early evening


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I work nights so I always do my runs in the afternoon when I get up. Routine is up, breakfast wait 45mins then off for my run :)
I like to exercise first thing when i get up, i find it keeps me energised for the rest of the day! althought its not always possible because of work! x
What about you sammy? x
i dont really have a set time to exercise but it seems that u all go for mornings, i like the idea of getting it out the way and i read somewhere before that exercising after a healthy breakfast (to fuel ur body to exercise) can boost your metabolism for the rest of the day, dunno how true that is but it sounds good :D


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mon to fri i prefer afternoons....
sat and sun i like my first thing in the morning workouts
i'd assume it does help - i LOVE food so just cant deprive myself, only option is exercise to counteract it and try to eat smaller portions x
Sorry i know this is a bit off topic, but do you think the exercise helps with your weigh loss? x
Excercise does help with weight loss, scientific fact, but only as long as your caloric intake and calories burned (BMR+ excercise) results in a defecit. You can lose weight without excercise (as SW advocate) but you can lose it quicker with excercise. Plus, as I've already said on another poster here, just being slim doesn't make you healthy. You may be a healthy weight, but that's a mile and a half off of actually being healthy which takes into account organ health, visceral fat etc. etc. The only way to strengthen your heart and lungs is through excercise.

On the topic of this thread, I excercise at night as the pool is clearer and makes me have a good nights sleep. I strength train in the afternoon though

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