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where is it going from?


finding my way again !
to all of you who are at the stage you can see your weight loss,(or have got to target) can i ask, where do you notice the weight going from?
i ask cos i have noticed mine going from the top & bottom & working inwards!
it's noticable on my face & neck, (not that i was that chubby on my face) & on my ankles & calves - today i noticed i have calf muscles !:D , i also noticed i now have legs & a bum rather than just one joined up lump of wobble!
although the inches say its going from my midrift it shows more on the areas it doesn't need to go from quite as much, bl***y typical eh?
how about you?
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Hi Cheryl

I found that the weight seems to come off in roughly the reverse order it went on. So in the last couple of years of gaining it seemed to mostly go on around my middle and this is where I lost it first.

Hope this makes sense. I have been very happy with the way the weight has come off. It seemed that the areas I can carry a little extra and still look and feel good are the last to go. Whereas I was very uncomfortable and it felt very unnatural to carry weight around my middle so I was really pleased to shift that first.

Hope your future losses will be in all the right places!

Dizzy x


Gone fishing
Mine came off my right wrist at first. Then my right leg. Damn difficult to stay upright for a while there.

Then it was my face. My tum went in the last stone:mad:

Not badly proportioned now. Well....not quite the hourglass figure I had as a teen, but I think as you get older, everything seems to head for the stomach. Flatten that and you end up flattening everything.

I sort of resemble and over aged pubescent boy.

Beats being overweight though ;)
Well, I'm kind of developing an hourglass figure in reverse .... that is slimming down at either end but seemingly unable to shift that darned buddha belly bulge in the middle!

I keep telling myself that if I stick with it, the belly MUST go eventually - surely??


Serial Foodie!
i used to have a nice hour glass figure with a curved (inwards!) back. god only knows whats under the fat 10 years later lol. i'd just be glad to find i have some bones somewhere!

I always lose boobs first so i end up looking like one of those wobble clowns u punch (please dont attempt this at any meet-ups..my feelings will be very hurt!)

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