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where is your dream destination.

My dream destination is America. Starting in New York and them going to New England, around Boston and travelling on from there finishing in New York again.

I am a well travelled soul, Far East, Middle East, South America, most of Europe, but for some reason, even when I was working for an airline, I never went to North America.

Perhaps one day when there are enough pennies in the kitty.
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Now to maintain.....
America for me too.
have done florida several times when younger(94,96,98 and 99) but its always,since i was very young been my dream to go to america and travel around visiting every state.


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I have been to Florida ... I would love to go to Australia
Take a year out and go ... but keep dreaming lol


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Can't choose just one place :(! I would love to visit Japan (Tokyo), America (California & New York - with a massive road trip across the country in between lol), Canada (Toronto), loads of places in Europe.. aaaah I need to win the lottery!!
I would love to go across the States, preferably on a motorbike. I would also like to go to Cuba and Mexico. Ah well, I can dream!


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Either next year, or the year after, I'm planning a long stay in the US.
My friend is opening her own business over there next year, and has suggested a stay over there, where I could work for her, but still have time to explore the States!

I've been to New York once, but I didn't get to see as much as I would have liked because we only really went over there for a 4 night Concert set (Coheed and Cambria, no less) so all the night times were taken up with that.

Absolutely love America though, and if I don't get to go over there to work, I plan on pretty much stalking the band round the US on their next tour. Just got to convince the boyfriend that he really wants to join me... :D xxxx
My dream destination would be somewhere where the temperature is never above 20 degrees and never below 10 degrees, where it is never humid, always breezy, lots of clouds in a blue sky. By the sea, with lovely scenery, fantastic food, pretty small towns to explore, nice people. Cheap, and easy to get to. OK?
Ohhhhhhh I can't chose just one place.

In the next few years we WILL be going to America, fly to NY then train down to Miami, stopping off at Boston for a day or two, then down to the Everglades & back up to Jacksonville.

Also last night my sister through Nepal into the mix! Now I really want to go there.

I also want to do Egypt & see the pyramids; seeCambodia & Thailand.

Next February we're going to South India which is a dream destination for us.

Not too fussed about NZ or Austrailia, but would love to go back to China.

OK all is possible once I get rid of the kids:D:D:D Oh yes & get OH working lots of overtime!
I have very little desire to go anywhere far flung these days. My dream place is Swaledale. I love it. I could quite happily give everything up and go and live in a little old stone house in the middle of no-where. One day, maybe, when the children have flown the nest.

I've been to Florida many times and loved it, Canada and much of Europe, now it's time to concentrate on getting round the areas of our green and pleasant land which I haven't yet visited.
I want to visit so many places = but i want to find a paradise island for my honeymoon - ive been looking at Sri Lanka and Mauritus!!! *swoon* xxx

To be honest - anywhere with my man is perfect to me. Simple, soppy - but true.


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