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Where on the SW website can I find...

Ok, think I found it. So all the fruit n veg with the S symbol next to it means they are superfree and must be part of 1/3 Ee plan?

Oh no, now some of them have SS next to them?!?!

Why so confusing!?
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And what the hell is HH?!?!?



Now to maintain.....
S is speed,SS is superspeed.........these are foods that can help speed up weight loss.

HH is something to do with good for your health.....not quite sure as dont have my book to hand at the moment.
S is speed and SS is superspeed - not the same as superfree since some beans and pulses are superspeed foods but don't count as your 1/3 superfree on EE.

I think H and HH are foods with extra benefits to health, F and FF foods with high fibre and C and CC those with muchos calcium :)
Awww thanks girls, Im having one of 'those' days where I cant find what I want then get frustrated...all whilst thinking the world is against me!!1

Time for lunch me thinks ;)
Yep, the HH and F and FF and other symbols are all explained in your book too.

For those who don't know how to find the details, on the SW website, under Eat and Slim on the left hand side, are all the HEX's etc.
If you go to the food diary at the top right hand side of the screen and then go to whatever type of day you are having, then click on the healthy extras tab and it will give you a list

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