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Which Internet provider to use???


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I am returning to the UK in July and am doing some research beforehand.
First i must explain i am not dim!! but have been out of the UK for 12 years so am not upto date on everything especially terminology(found out the other week what a dongle was) LOL

Can anyone recommend a good Internet service provider, cheap with lots of free daytime, evening and weekend calls on the land line telephone.
Please help in plain language lol
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You could look at Cheap loans | mortgages | credit cards | home & car insurance - moneysupermarket.com as there are sooooooo many 'good' deals around; for example we use O2 for our broadband at the moment as it's cheap because we also have a mobile with O2. But OH has been looking at Sky which has offers on a the mo.

Moneysupermarket is a good starting point. There is another comparison website but I just can't think of their name, I'll let you know if I remember.

Have fun!


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Ive got BT broadbands basic package which does me fine & get all my montly calls for £4.95. I went with BT primarily cos I had SO many problems with orange when I was with them and I got ping ponged back and forward between them and BT I figured it had to be easier having broadband with BT and only dealing with one company.

In the 2 years Ive been with them Ive had no problems at all :)

Im with Sky for TV


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Don't go with sky for the full package. Their customer service is shocking and they promise free broadband but not if you live in the sticks like me!!

I'd go with BT. I have Talk talk at the moment but will go to BT when my contract with them is up.


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We have sky broadband and i'm intrigued to know why its awful :eek: we dont have any problems but are we getting ripped off, please let me know we have the full package.

I am not good technically so any advice would be great if I can get better elsewhere.


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Well, they tell you it's free but it's only free in certain areas. Then they tell you that your area will be on the new exchange in 6 months, then 12 months etc etc. Their phone number is 0870 which is something that really annoys me and they are just shocking at customer services.

The tele is good but that's all I'll say!


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I've just gone back to Bt from Orange. They put my package up by almost double and I never got any benefits. I'm saving £12 a month. Mind you we live out in the sticks so we can't get talktalk etc. If you are moving to a town then look on moneyexpert on GMTV.


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we have sky tv and broadband-never had aby probs with it ( that werent of our own making !!)

with BT for the phone


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I am with orange, and have a deal I've had for a couple of years. I have a mobile contract which I pay £15 a month, for more calls and texts than I ever use, and because I have that I only pay £5 for my broadband. Before I had that I was with 3 and paid £45 for my mobile and £27 for my broadband with orange, so changing to orange mobile I have been saving £52 per month and have always had excellent service.


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Thanks everyone i will look into BT and orange ,sky sounds like a no no???
Actually i am more confused hehehe

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