Which is the most beautiful city in the world


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On another thread Westiegirl remarked that Edinburgh, where I live,is a beautiful city.I said I wouldn't want to live anywhere else in the world - I just love it. It set me thinking and I have decided I am so happy here because of the people,the atmosphere, the safety etc and not just for its beauty. In fact I don't think it is the most beautiful city in the world - some bits are eyesores.
I believe the most beautiful city in the world has to be SYDNEY, Australia.
It has so many beaches,bays, promontories and islands with lovely houses reaching up from the waterfronts to the surrounding hills.Everywhere is close to beaches and on the water there is every kind of vessel from yachts,catamarans, ferries, cruisers, even naval frigates.
Would I want to live there? No, it's too hot and too remote from UK which has all the people and things I value most.
Would anyone else like to nominate another city as the most beautiful in the world?:)
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Hi Sam
London is a fantastic city but do you really think it is the most beautiful? Have you travelled out from the airport recently - it's not pretty!


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I have to agree on edinburgh, I am absolutely love going there and the people well they are extremley nice and friendly. If I was to go for a second choice I would say Dublin but I might be back with more :)


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prauge is stunning. as is paris. and amsterdam.
New york is the best city. but im fomt here so of course i would say that.:D


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As much as I love New York, Edinburgh and Sydney, I'm torn between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur



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Hong kong. If I could I'd move there in a heartbeat.

Most horrendous city? Delhi


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Perhaps we should start a new thread to nominate the worsy city in the world?
When I worked in Australia I had a friend who arranged postings for External Affairs(same as our Foreign Office). The most unpopular postings were Dar Es Salaam , Hanoi and Phnom Penh


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Awhh Vancouver has to be in there somewhere, Rocky Mountains..an hour away to ski/surf depending on what mood your in..


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One of my favourite cities is Seville - great vibe there, lots to see and it's the home of tapas and flamenco. Barcelona is also great for the architecture, shopping with the bonus its on the coast.

Hard to say where the worst is although I hated Hong Kong - hot, sticky and SO many people the noise was like being in a hornets nest


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Hi Hope
I agree - Barcelona is lovely. Would love to visit Seville.Am with you re Hong Kong.


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I'm another fan of Barcelona! x


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Oh Maffie, Grandslamgirl and Porgeous,
I love all your choices!


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I vote Edinburgh....but then I am slightly biased - I'm not from Scotland but I chose to live here in Edinburgh 22 years ago & I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world - not even back home (!)..I find something everyday in this city that makes me feel proud & excited to be here :)

debs xx


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I liked Athens and Dublin very much, but I agree with another poster - San Fransisco is just amazing!


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New Orleans (although maybe not at the moment withthe mess its been left in :( ). I love everything about it, the OTT-ness of Bourbon St, sitting on a cold wet bench drinking coffee from Cafe Du Monde watching the stern-wheelers, the skyscrapers on Canal St, the architecture all over the city that shows all the influences over the years, the history, the big tourist places and the little local dives, the smell of the garden district and the houses, walking down St Charles Avenue with the streetcar thundering past, heat so hot you feel like you're melting, the food, the people (friendliest on earth)...I could go on for days, can you tell I miss it? LOL.

Other choice would be Amalfi in Italy, just stunning :)