My 2020 (millionth) restart in this crazy world


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I haven't posted on here for so long, but I feel I need a diary again to write down my feelings during this time. I have gained and lost and then gained again so many times, too many times to count 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️. I'm really struggling at the moment so I'm hoping writing things here will help like it used to.

So my name is Rachel, I live in Ireland and am originally from Cheshire UK. I am married with 2 children. I'm currently not working, unless you class house work 😂.

I suffer with panic attacks and anxiety and depression. And since March this has been really bad for me, have had new medication prescribed to me. Currently taking venlafaxine and mirtazapine. Feeling much better mentally at the moment though thankfully it's just the weight now. Unfortunately the mirtazapine is a hard one, it works great but increases appetite.

So my choice of "diet" is calorie counting, been here and done so many different plans before. So just going easy and simple now. I am trying to exercise 4/5 days a week. I absolutely love cycling, when we get the weather for it 🙄. Me and my husband go together. My other forms of exercise are, my exercise bike, Leslie sansone walk at home, body project or other work outs on YouTube.

I think I will be posting my food here as well as using my fitness pal to try and keep me accountable. Even if I have no one else reading I'm sure this will help to write down my feelings each day.
Hi Rachel - well done on the 19lbs you’ve already lost.

I’m calorie counting too (started by trying to follow SW and during lockdown it gradually morphed into calorie counting) I have PCOS and also my mobility is affected by a car accident a few years ago. I can definitely empathise with the ups and downs! I’ve not heard of the walk at home - sounds interesting as I try and do as much walking as I can.

Good luck 😊
Hi thanks for replying.

So sorry to hear you were in an accident, that must have been awful for you. Even worse when you are left with mobility issues.

If your interested look up Leslie sansone on YouTube, you don't have to do everything she does, just do it the best way you can to suit you. She does loads of different ones, between 1 and 5 mile walks. Or you can just choose walks by the amount of time it takes. I've just done a 3 mile one now. I prefer it at home as no one can see the sweaty mess I turn into 🥵🥵😂😂xx
So I did the Leslie sansone 3 mile walk today, so today's exercise is done. Lunch was stuffed mushrooms, bbq chicken and blue cheese salad. Very tasty for 547 calories


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So another good day on track, did a 2 mile Leslie sansone walk and the her 1 mile jog this afternoon. Just glad no one was there to see me 😂🥵

Lunch today was

2 Gluten Free Crumpets
40g gluten free white pudding
200g beans
2 gluten free sausages
2 eggs

Tea was

2 stuffed mushrooms
1 lean burger
Gluten Free brioche bun
200g homemade chips done in air fryer
20g low fat cheese

I don't tend to eat breakfast much, I used to do 16/8 fasts and think I just kind of got used to doing it especially during the week. So most of my eating is done later in the day.

Will probably have some crisps later as a snack with 2 gluten free crispbread with Peanut Butter, I love Peanut butter, just give me a spoon 😂😂
Hi Rachel and welcome back. Im in Ireland too, my name might give thay away 😉