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Which phone is a better choice than iphone?

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Purple*Tortoise, 12 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Purple*Tortoise

    Purple*Tortoise Gold Member

    Hi guys

    I've had all iPhones since the 3 model I'm currently on 4s and had enough of the lack of battery life (not to mention the other little apple quirks like being unable to use worn excel)

    I do use my phone to go on the internet a lot - can anyone suggest a suitable replacement? I hear a lot about Samsung lately has anyone tried both?
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  3. Liverbird52

    Liverbird52 Gold Member

    my son abd daughter had both ,but both prefer the samsung.
    I have samsung phone and tab :rolleyes: and would recomend both :)
  4. nettie

    nettie Gold Member

    I would recommend the Samsung as a good move from iPhone. The phone I would definitely not recommend is the HTC windows phone. I have it at the moment and it is pants!
  5. PurpleDots

    PurpleDots Member

    I just upgraded my phone last week at the end of my contract and went from the iphone 4s to the Samsung S4. I'm really happy with it. The battery life blows the iphone's out of the water and it's not locked into itunes etc. The S4 is bigger than the iphone I was using so it's taking a bit of getting used to but apart from that I'm loving it so far x
  6. Purple*Tortoise

    Purple*Tortoise Gold Member

    What do you use with the s4 instead of iTunes? Just wondering how long it will take me to move all my music from iTunes to whatever the others use
  7. PurpleDots

    PurpleDots Member

    I'm on the EE network and they give the Deezer music service as a free swapable so I've been using that. No downloading or anything, you just find music, favourite it and it puts it on a playlist for you to click on anytime. I used the TuneIn radio app on my iphone a lot as well and just use it on this phone too. I haven't wanted to buy any new music since I've had the phone but the google play store seems to have a great range and loads of albums under £2. It's simple just to drag and drop music files from your computer to the S4 as well x
  8. PurpleDots

    PurpleDots Member

    Oh, I forgot to say lol! There's an easy phone sync for transferring files from iphone to Samsung, a leaflet comes in the phone box telling how to do it but of course I haven't got it with me at the moment, the info is here though Easy Phone Sync
  9. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    I think whatever phone you upgrade to will appear to have better battery life than your Iphone, bearing in mind it's had 2 years daily use, you can't expect the battery to remain great.

    I have just upgraded from an HTC which I absolutely loved, to an IPhone 5s and the battery lasts for 2 days, with me using it all the time. My HTC needed charging every day by the end but again, I abused the battery by charging it overnight all the time.

    I was going to upgrade to the HTC One, but I needed an IPhone to get FaceTime. So far so good, not keen on being one of the sheep tho ;)
  10. PurpleDots

    PurpleDots Member

    Two days battery on an iphone 5 sounds brilliant! I didn't ever get that with my iphone, even when it was new. I suppose it all depends on how much you use it though and what you're using on it. The actual handset I replaced wasn't 2 years old, it was replaced about 4 or 5 months ago as I'd dropped it. Also, a bugbear of mine with the iphone in general compared to other phones is that you can't replace the battery yourself should you need to. Personally I just prefer to be able to slot out the battery and replace it if I need to rather than having to have the whole phone looked at xx
  11. Purple*Tortoise

    Purple*Tortoise Gold Member

    lol at the sheep thing - me neither! I have never used face time so won't miss it
    It is the iphone issues that bother me - deciding to freeze and have to reset it. A £500 handset should last even after the 12 month manufacturers warranty.
    I would like a camera phone which can take good pictures in low light. My other have has the 5s and the camera is still nowhere near the quality of other phone cameras. His new 5s battery only lasts as long as mine.
  12. Maverick

    Maverick Gold Member

    Well as my HTC was 2 years old so the iPhone is definitely a step forward in technology!! Haven't had any problems with this phone freezing yet. My oh has a 4 which freezes occasionally but again we thought that was just due to age and overuse!!

    I do use my phone a lot, esp on FaceTime at the mo but the battery seems better than I'm used to but I guess time will tell after regular use. Xx

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  13. I have an htc one. Excellent for camera and sound, the speaker is on the front of phone. Very good sound quality and loudness. Battery life seems terrific. I'd recommend it.
  14. Purple*Tortoise

    Purple*Tortoise Gold Member

    Just been and got a samsung galaxy note 3. It is huge but so are my handbags. Just getting set up but loving it so far

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  15. Liverbird52

    Liverbird52 Gold Member

    A good choice :)

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