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Who gives u the most support ?


on the up lol
A strange one here ,
i get alot of support from a person on msn,
been talking for over a year now, met him in gaming lol,
says a lot of home ey....... im finding that doing this and giving up smoking u find out just who is ur true friends in real life, :sigh:
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this site more than an individual, but I do text mam and dad and a freind every Sunday morning but generally in real life no one except me really. x
Got to be the hubby, he has lived every minute with me bless the poor b*gger!



want to mini
My hubby has been great.Although he can`t get used to eating without me.


Getting married July 2011
My boyfriend and my mum are the main ones.
Lots of my friends are very supportive too, and people on this forum, even tho they don't know me!

Nobody really i'm pretty independant i'ts usually me who does the supporting to everyone else. As far as the lipotrim goes I get the opposite of support from most of my friends and family. Everytime the topic comes up i'm told to come off it.


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my hubby has been very supportive x

I havent told many people I am on LT. But fortunately I know 2 other people who are on it so I talk to them, and I support them and vice versa. I get a lot of support for this forum, it has definitely made it easier for me to stick to this.



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Deffo this place....everyones great...(every 5mins 1st wk lol).....but hubby is bein brill at the mo cos I have been a teeny weeny bit moooody !!!!!!!!!(not like moi at all!!lol)

fat boy slim

gaggin for a beer!
the best support i have had has deffo been of this site, to be honest im not sure if i could have done it without you lot



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This site wins hands down for support....we are all in the same boat aiming for the same goal.
I can t get much ore support than hubby doing it with me so him, but most of my family know I am on it and they are all supportive although a bit concerned about it just because they have never heard of it before (except my mum) so are unsure of the results but they are more concerned I might be let down then anything, but I will prove to them it works!! They are still very supportive though


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For me it was definitely my mum! She was and still is great about my diet and my body in general, my oh was totally useless..ok is useless lol! This site really helped me too, it helps sharing how you feel with others who understand i think xx
My Mum and Dad are my greatest supporters! They are always telling me how well I look and calling me 'skinny'...which is far from the truth but sweet of them!

My OH whom I split with a month ago but still live has offered no encouragement apart from one occasion a few weeks ago in which he said, 'Bloody hell, you can tell it's (LT) working now!'......

Here, also gives the best support and we're all in the same boat!:):):):):):):):):):)
He is probably thinking to himself wowowowo she is loosing this weight fast.... he probably doesnt want to support u cos he probably doesnt want u to succeed!!!

Great u have a cool mum and dad to support you! xox


Must do it this time
My Oh Is Great Support And My Mum,but Hands Down And I Know Its Been Said Before But If I Didnt Have This Site I Really Dont Think Id Still Be Doing It 9 Weeks Later,so A Big Thank You To You All For The Ongoing Support,
Elaine X


Says it as it is!!!
Got to be my sister! She was big for years after having 2 children, but has got slim through HE and tons of exercise.....she completely understands my head and helps me loads...even tho as she says 'couldn't do without eating' lol xx
He is probably thinking to himself wowowowo she is loosing this weight fast.... he probably doesnt want to support u cos he probably doesnt want u to succeed!!!

Great u have a cool mum and dad to support you! xox
Thanks Julz!

I had a breast cancer scare late last year and it was ongoing till just after Easter before I was given a definate all clear on the benign lump/s....my consultant told me in January that I had to lose weight as this was impacting on my health....and well my OH did nothing but pick on me when I didn't diet (I eat when stressed...or at least I used to!!!), telling me I was weak willed and that the children would be motherless....and other unpleasant comments!:mad:

....yet, he the escalating alcoholic that he is, stated at the time that he would give up booze and his disappearing all nighters/weekenders and we would fight our weaknesses together.....well, almost three months on, he has done zilch to make any attempt....and today I emptied out the recycle bin and counted the 'empties' from when the bin was refuse collected last friday (30th May) and found 72 empty beer cans and one wine bottle!!!!!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek:

...today he has glugged 11 cans and is now comatose on the sofa, plus he went out last saturday, last thursday and last night (the amounts drunk on these 'jollies' are unknown to me!):sigh:

Sorry for going OT, and for the big ramble...but it's me who has willpower not him!:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
My hubby is my best support. He is also loosing weight too but doing it with healthy eating. He told me he could not undertale L/T and all the water. My next greatest support is my 12 year old son, bless him he tells me everyday I am loosing weight.

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