Who here...

I've done all green days except for one and I have lost 10.5lbs in 4 weeks. :)
I do green and Im 4lb off 4 stone :)x
I did all green days last time and lost 3 stone and i'm doing all green days this time around too..
I can't eat red meat (makes me ill), i only like some fish and don't liek eating too much chicken lol so red days are wasted on me!!
I'm a green-day girl :)

Red days make me feel sick. Blergh.
I've only done 2 red days I think. Carbs arent the evil that they are made out to be, just bad carbs are lol
I only do green days being a veggie and have lost two stone so far
I used to only do green days, then i thought i had better losses if i done red days. However as of tomorow i'm going back to 100% green days as i hate red days. I just had the worst red dinner ever.
me too. I've never done red, and I'm just off my 3 stone.