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Who is doing a DD today?

Who is doing a DD today? If so, how is it going? What are you eating today? Or what is your plan for today??

For us... So far so good....

Ive drank some water!
Im drinking coffee also right now...

Lunch we will eat a protein bar - 180 cals....


Ok... Gonna go start my diary now! LOL :8855:
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I Will Do It :)
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Im on a down day today!!

So far I have had 5 glasses of water
1 can of diet pepsi
1 slim a soup
1 oaty cereal bar

planning on having quorn and veg for supper!!

I am also away to start my diary so can keep track!!

This is my first day :) xx


Wants to do this!
i too an on a dd. I've had coffee, diet fizz that always feels me up and a tesco jacket pot 205cals. Having chicken salad for dinner.
We can do it yall!!!! :)
I've just started back today as well. I didn't manage very well before as my mum was very suddenly unwell and couldn't drive. I had to take her everywhere (doctors, hospitals, shopping etc) and obe of her fave things to do is go for a coffee and cake !!!!! However I'm feeling pretty good today. Had a couple of mouthfuls of spag bol about an hour ago and that is it so far apart from water and cups of tea.
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I'm on a dd today too! Changed my days around over the weekend :)

Had 3 litres of water, ww tomato soup with slice of bread for lunch, apple and a turkey salad for dinner. Only on 266 cals at teh mo too, so still got some snacks to come :D Also went swimming this morning :D

Hope everybody else is doing great. Lovely to see you back Emmasmum :D Hope your mum is ok, hugs x
Thanks stirky. Yes, she's much better thank goodness. Am glad to be back, but forgot to weigh myself this morning. Have had a really good DD.
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Aww, that's good, must have been hard and upsetting having her poorly. Good luck with juddd again :D
Wooohoo! We are all on a DD!

Keep up the good work yall!! :)

We can do it!

So far for me today...

1 protein bar 180
2 pieces of already cook bacon 35 cal
coffee 0
hot tea 0
tons of water 0

S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Great going today jolinarr, how's your hubby doing?
Thanks! :D Im proud of myself! :D It always makes you feel in control when you make it through a DD!

Hubby is doing GREAT! All he has had today is a protein bar! Go Hubby!
Thanks Clairemx! :)

How did you do with your DD yesterday??


I Will Do It :)
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Did really well found it really easy!! :)

Upday is fine too i will be on later today to update diary!!!

S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Glad all is going well Claire! Don't you just love juddd!!! It's the only plan I have stuck to 100% for so long, and the only plan I can see myself doing long term :)


I Will Do It :)
S: 10st11lb C: 10st11lb G: 8st11lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Yeh I know I dont even feel like I am dieting!! Its brilliant (hoping the scales will say the same!! My first weigh in is Saturday!! Will only be 6 days but worked it out as I have a wedding next weekend so didnt want that to be a DD!! Its so good that you can be flexible and change days around etc!!

So far so good loving it!! Must say I am struggling a bit to eat enough today!! Just on over 1000 calories so far and I feel full!!

How you doing today??