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Who is joining me on the naughty stair??


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I have had what turns out to be a very bad week, just been put into situations which made it more or less impossible to stick to the plan. So I am now feeling very sorry for myself and I am sitting firmly on the naughty stair. Am I all alone or is anyone else joining me?
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Yummy Mummy! xx
*parks bottom down next to ya*

Im SO with you - been away and been an untter piggy this week. My scales show a 5lb gain this week but will find out officially at class tonite - oh dear! xx
I have had a very bad 2 weeks! I am going to put myself on the naughty stair too, for 47 minutes, one minute for each year I've been on this planet. Hopefully I can spend the time reflecting on how bad I've been and talk myself into getting back on plan.


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i LOVE the word piggy!

i have been good this week but love this thread x


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phew glad I am not alone....so lets give each other loads of support on this rather large stair!!
I was really bad over Easter, I went away for a few days and pigged out. I was feeling really positive about getting back on plan but I blew it again this weekend when we went to stay with some rellys. Back on plan today but feeling really cross with myself and deprived.

Grr!! I had been really focused since my holiday in February and was losing again, why do I do it to myself??

I hope we can all get over this blip, and soon!! Good luck to everyone else on the naughty stair.
I'm on the naughty step too! in fact I think i'm going to be here a while so best come up with a plan to be good. Still with all of you on the step it's not lonely!
Well I have been out on my bike for an hour tonight and cut the front and back grass.....so I did escape the stair for a while...am planted right back on it again now...although I have been 100% good today so hopefully if I stay for another day I might be allowed off!
Well its D-day for me tonight...weigh in is a 7pm and its just how bad the damage is! But I went back on plan yesterday morning and today have woken up feeling slightly better and less bloated...but still stuck on this naughty stair for today!
im on that step with you too, ive been an absolute pig this week, burger king, pizza hut, sweets, chocolate 1 bbq one party/bbq loads of alcohol, so your not alone only difference is i dont beat myself up about it just draw a line under last week and get back on plan i find if i feel guilty i will just eat more and thats no good. got weigh in tonight hope its not too bad but who cares ive had a good week and enjoyed everything thats passed my lips. hope you have a better week next week xx
oh me too not been doing SW for about 5 weeks and i put on 5lbs!!!!

so annoyed at myself but i have to look forward too now

chins up and off we go again :)

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