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Who is re-starting tomorrow..?

milena - i am on my last stone. maybe we can spurr each other on?
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Hi girls, I've started today. Been putting it off all week. Have had the 3 shakes and 1 litre of water so far. I'm so delighted I've got this far, although I feel shaky but day one nearly over. I'm on it for 3 weeks, then I'm away for Easter and back on it when I get back again.
All the best for tomorrow. I started to pack for my hols and there are so many nice clothes in my wardrobe that I want to wear on hols so please God that will stay in my head every day for the next 3 weeks!!!


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well almost got through 1st day of ss+ and still to have my last shake not picked once! hope tomorrow goes as well.

Good luck everyone
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It's me again... what about if we add each other on MSN or FB ? That way we can chat sometimes.. if anyon want just click the icon under my name :) for FB /for MSN under rep power hope to chat soon :)
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Hie girls, just came across you thread and i'd like to join you please. I'm only returning for 2 weeks on ss+ and have 10/12lbs to lose,also my hubby has booked a weekend away in 3wks time .When i stopped the last time i joined weight watchers online for maintanance, but i still had 2 weeks worth of cd sachets left and they expire on the 14th of March lol,and ofcourse i've been putting it off for a while now so it's either i use them or throw away about £80 worth of sachets. I hope i can stick with it this time, fingers crossed...


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Hi Ladies,

I have started back on CD after just trying to hold my own the past several weeks. I'd love to join in on your thread. I have about a stone to lose to no longer be overweight, and then another almost stone to be at what my goal weight is (9 1/2 stone).

I lost about 5 stone in 2008, but let 2 stone slowly creep back last year. I tried LLL in the autumn, but that wasn't for me. So, I decided to use CD -- I managed to take few pounds off and not gain much over Christmas, and then started back in the New Year (I was doing okay) -- but had a friend end up in the NCCU and he was just finally moved to a ward last week. I managed not to gain -- but losing was just too hard with the driving back and forth, long hours, no time for the gym or exercise, and sitting around in the waiting area and bedside. So, now I am taking back some of my life and time and going to do this thing!

S: 13st11lb G: 9st9lb
Hey I was doing fine yesterday but today it just went up the bloody roof! ATE :{ but i will keep going couse i need to loose waight so much.. Hope everyone is doing better :)

Minnie Mel 5st is a great success!
YoYoMel it seems just gd to use it - £80 is a lot of money :)
oh milena - me too, i dont eat badly, but just nibble. its so frustrating! but like a trooper i had my last shake and thanked god that i nibbled on cheese and chicken and not the really wicked stuff!!!


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hi everyone well day 3 of ss+ for me and so far so good,

leeds I'm a dredful nibbler just can't stop myself wich is why i'm trying ss+ instead of ss so far its working but only time will tell

minniemel well done on losing 5 stone

melina know how you feel, what plan are you following?

yoyo welcome you might as well use the sachets you could lose qiote a bit in two weeks
I do ss+ on days where i know i cant help but nibble. I just get some chicken and lettuce and have a proper sit down. hoever, i dont do ss+ every day as i found that i cannot yet be trusted to stick to the portion sizes recommended. I do once or twice a week and it doesnt really affect losses. good luck!
S: 11st2lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 24.6 Loss: 0st8lb(5.13%)
Thanks Milena and Trish,i will def use them it seems a waste not to, day 2 lol struggled last night though not used to just fish and salad, nibbled as well like Leeds,i just felt empty i suppose after spending 2hrs in the garden landscaping,digging for our new pond hopefully in time for summer. I'm back on track today in the office all day and -2lbs already


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hi everyone wel I'm on day 4 of ss+ anddoing okay, scales have also dropped by about 3 lbs :)

leeds I found that I nibbled more when I was doing ss , I didn't when I first did cd but when I tried to restart and the end of last year and begining of this year I found I was constantly picking/nibbling when I got in from work, so now I've been having a hot choc shake, and so far its really helped me, just hope I can keep it up.

well done on losing 2lbs yoyo

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