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Why am I not losing weight?

Only my second post on this forum.I did CD 2 years ago and posted on there lots but i am trying lipotrim now.

I am on to week 2,my WI is on friday.Last week I lost 9lb ,went on the scales this morning and I havn't lost a single pound :mad:

I havn't cheated,I have drank all my water AND I have been to aqua aerobics

Can anyone help me not just say 'stuff it' I'll do WW or SW cos I know I won't in reality

ON CD I lost 11lb the first week and 8lb the second so feeling really fed up :sigh:


CDG xx
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9lbs is a great first week loss! You've still got a fair amount of time until your next weigh in & it's not a good idea to be scale hoping! By Friday you may well have lost a significant amount! At least give yourself until weigh in two!

Good luck!!



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don't weigh at home hun.scales can vary between home and pharmacy.
you may be surprised.
anyway you've got another few days til you weigh and you may drop the pounds before then.

have faith in yourself and lipotrim.it will work and you'll be posting here friday with a good weight loss x

good luck x
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Hi hun,

well done for getting back in the saddle. 9lbs is a GREAT first week's lost and I'm sure that if you stick it until Friday you will find your second week is going to be a brilliant loss too.

LT has given me the kind of results I could only have DREAMED about with something like SW or WW. I wouldn't be surprised if you've lost a stone in 2 weeks- which would be a huge way towards your goal.

Keep your chin up and AVOID your own scales- I find them unreliable



Positivity is the key
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welcome and well done for your first weight loss on LT. Take the advice given above, stay off the scales they do put you off. Wishing you all the best,


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I def agree with the rest. DO NOT weigh yourself. I weigh myself once a week on the pharmacy scales, and that is it. All scales will show you a different reading, and it will only lower your spirits. You will be surprised that you will have lost weight at your second weigh in, it is virtually impossible not to lose weight on this diet if you are not cheating. Drink plenty of water, and look forward to your next weigh in. I look forward to reading what a good amount you WILL have lost,and you will be so glad you stuck to it.
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Hi Guys, I know you are all advising not to weigh ourselves, When I got my first weigh in when I started I came home and weighed myself on the my home scales and they were spot on.

Would you still advise that this is a bad habit to get into, I just find my first few day this is helping as I can actually see its working for me. x


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S: 22st4.0lb C: 17st2lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 32.5 Loss: 5st2lb(23.08%)
still wouldn't advise it.
you will weigh different on different days.some days lighter and some the same,some heavier.

imagine seeing your heavier(may only be water retention) and seeing how tough this diet can be you may well think that there's no point not eating anymore and eat again.
if you hadn't weighed everyday and seen the gain,you would go for your weigh in and be delighted when you lose.

you will lose weight providing you don't eat and drink all your shakes and water.
the only time it may not be so great is at time of the month.that will sort itself out the week after though.

good luck x
S: 13st13lb C: 13st4lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 0st9lb(4.62%)
Aw thanks...I am sticking to your advice, it makes sense, it's obviously working for you !! x
S: 19st7lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 8st5lb(42.86%)
I would only agree with not weighing yourself if it is going to overly concern you to not see those scales moving during the week.

You will lose weight if you follow 100% :) and well done on 9lb loss on week 1, that'#s fantastic!

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