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Why are people around me trying to put me off?!

Im loving atkins, feel like it was made for me, find it so easy to stick too, love the food, am amazed by how low carb has improved not only my shape but my head too (I am so less stressed/anxious etc) and feel people with weight/sugar issues like me (I have impaired glucose tolerance) should all be giving it a go as its so free'ing.

I posted something a bit like that on my facebook and OMG so many haters! Atkins will kill me apparently (and all the refined carbs and huge amounts of sugary crap I had been eating on and off - wont?) that it will give me high cholesterol/heart disease (being a yo yo dieter with HUGE sugar and crab cravings - the heart disease was in the post) etc etc.....

I know Im waffling but I feel so let down by my friends. This is really working for me, I dont have carb cravings, Im not stood in my kitchen thinking what shall I eat next, I eat only when Im hungry and my meals are half the size of before just cos I dont seem so hungry anymore - like taking the high carbs out is like removing a massive appetite stimulant. I cant even be tempted, Im just not interested in eating that kinda stuff I used too.

No wonder I was plateuing for months as I was trying so hard but my sugar/carb cravings kept slinging me off my plan and now they are gone. Nada. Nil. Nowt.

My carb cravings were so bad and my intolerance so low that I would ram a load of biscuits down my neck, feel guilty, have a crucifying sugar headache, get mood swings, have to take painkillers and other meds (over doing the sugars gave me cystisis - lets not go there lol) but as you can imagine there was all this crud from eating a handful of biscuits. It was like some kinda biological war in my body and now its stopped. Finito. Gowwwn.

Anyone else had people be like that? I think they just dont understand....
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I had it all the same Cherry love, In the end I didn't say I was doing Atkins but Low carb, or just cutting out potato and bread etc.

Atkins has had very bad press from the diet industry, probably because it's threatening profits.
Hi Cherryade! OMG I know exactly how you feel.. I, like Jim, am just telling people I'm cutting my carbs which people also praise me for.. as soon as I mention the word 'Atkins', all hell breaks loose! Apparently it'll clog my arteries, I'll get heart disease or have a heart attack etc etc.. also quite a few people are scornful about Atkins, just the other day I heard it called the 'Fat Greedy F*cker' diet!

Here is the reality, for me at least: now I've stopped shovelling all those carbs and sugary things down my throat I feel great! My moods are stable, I feel energised and totally in control - my cravings are gone, I don't get an uncontrollable urge to eat every five seconds anymore. If I think I'm getting hungry, I can now happily wait until the next meal time. People appear to think following Atkins involves greedily shovelling kilos of lard down your gullet but this is wrong. I'm regularly eating more salad and vegetables now than I ever have and most of my fats come from meat and oily fish - yes, the very same fish that we're always told is soooooo good for you!

People don't understand and their ignorance really does annoy me.

Rant over! :D

Wasnt it Jim? Im glad Im not alone and from now on Im 'low carbing' to the haters and to the people who know what they are on about I can proudly tell them Im an Atkins gal.

Thanks both x
o0o0o0 Jim you are so right Ive been thinking that for a while re Atkins being a threat. Theres no gimmicks, the bars and other products are helpful but not essential unlike lots of others diets products. My mum came round and gave me a bunch of her previous diets products only 99 cals a bar and all that and I binned them. She like me is fed up with having a 'treat' that only leads on to more cravings and more guilt so how is that a treat? She's borrowing my book and I think she'll be onboard soon, she couldnt believe the difference in me in only 4 days at that time. The time before I had been all weepy and fed up and bloated and here I was zinging about the house looking better already - the leaness is incredible in such a short time.

I think its cos we are eating like we used to, like we should, decent veg, decent meat and a blob of cream here and there. I was watching that Victorian Farm prog and was thinking that our ancestors had the right idea, they low carbed and did physical work so exercised... and then the diet industry pulls on our insecurities and fuels our guilt. Gimme atkins and farm life anyday.
LOL, that's one way of looking at it love. Sounds good to me. :D
Hi Cherry and I had the same reaction from everyone when I first said I was doing atkins. I mean you would of thought I said something like I'm a serial killer or something how they were reacting LOL.. I ended up doing the same as jim and telling people that I was watching my carbs...

Hang in there and dont let them get to you.. :)
Its a great diet - people just love reciting crap they have heard.
hey that's true and jim and I aren't ghosts LOL... Now that I've reached my goal weight and when people ask how I lost it I love saying the atkins and low carb and see how their face look LOL especially the ones who were so negative. It shuys them up quick because I look healthier now than I have in a long time :)
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LOL, I do the same more, and it's great especially as I look so healthy now. :D

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