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Why are weekends so HARD??

Does any1 else find the weekends hard sticking to the plan? I have stuck to the plan for 2 wk since gettin bk on it and i dont want to ruin it now as this is wat happens wen im bad on the wkend. So far so good this wkend i had 1 piece of garlic bread frm a take away yest. I think were gettin take away tnite as family are over but im goin to be gd and jst hav chicken kebab and salad i will let yous know how i get on when every1 is munchin on pizza! Xxx
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Hiya, I always find weekends hard, mine is usually because I'm not in control (at parents houses) or we are out shopping and hubby wants a fast food lunch.

I try to keep within my syns on one day (Saturday) and plan a flex day (Sunday as in dinner at parents)

I try to go with the flow and when I can follow SW.
I really struggle at the weekends too. Think it's not having much to do. Out working during the week so by the time I'm home and made dinner it's not too long before bed. At the weekends it's 'ok had breakfast, what's for lunch' - nightmare.
i find thursday and friday my hard days, thrusday no fresh fruit left as i shop weekends and friday i seem to turn into a devil and eat rubbish ( weigh in is thursday night)
It's down to lack of routine..
I get up later, eat at strange times and often can't be bothered to do meals properly on a weekend.. which was also the case over christmas and any other time I was off work..


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Because you have less structure to your days at the weekend. On week days you get up at the same time, have places you need to be, and eat at certain times. So you need to apply the same discipline to the weekend.
I am not too bad at the weekends to be honest. We have just changed our routine slightly. We used to always have a takeaway on a saturday night & pig out playing video games or watchin movies lol.
Now I make sure we still have something takeaway like but I make it myself. Tonight I made us syn free beef burgers, wedges & salad which was gorgeous!
Some weekends I make pitta pizzas or a nice curry etc.
At least that way we are still getting a sw style takeaway fix!
It's a shame the rest of the family decded on pizza, as there really isn't anythng that you could choose from the same place that's SW frendly. If it was chinese or indian takeaway it'd be a lot easier. (Although my OH got his chinese takeaway on Friday and made my own syn free version quickly when I got home - Spicy Noodles with veg, chicken and pork - only takes 10 mins).
I'm doing the plan on my own and weigh myself every Saturday morning. I then eat whatever I want during Saturday day and night and then I'm back on the plan on Sunday until the following Saturday (if that makes sense!). That way I don't feel as though I'm missing out and I stick to the plan religiously until the following Saturday. It's probably not the best way to go but I'm never 'naughty' during the week!!!!

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