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Why can't I lose it??!

Hi all

This is the first time I’ve ever posted on a weight loss forum. I think part of me feels like I won’t be taken seriously as I don’t really have a great deal of weight that I want to lose – I’m nearly 11 stone hoping to get down to 9.5…but I’m beyond the point of frustration at the moment!

No joke, I’ve been trying to lose this weight for nearly 8 years now. I eat pretty healthily (the majority of the time anyway), I exercise, I don’t drink (and hence don’t binge eat for 2 days afterwards!) anywhere near as much as I used to….and I just don’t seem to get anywhere. I might lose 3-4 pounds over a 3 week period by being extra healthy, but then my willpower flies out the window and it just pops back on.

I actually started running at the beginning of the year hoping that it would be the magic elixir….and while I’m delighted at how fit I’ve become, how much it’s improved my moods, and how I somehow managed to train for and run 2 10k races in the last couple of months….it’s done nothing for me weight wise!! I’m really fed up! Is there anyone else out there in the same boat?? Has anyone out there actually managed to shift that frustrating last stone and have any tips and advice they’d like to share please??

I think I know the areas where I’m falling down…healthy grub but portions that are far too big, refuelling after exercise with more calories than I’ve actually burned off, allowing my rubber arm to be twisted far too easily by my cake-wielding boyfriend….and so forth

I’m really looking for some inspiration and advice! How do people stick their weightloss resolutions? How do you keep yourself motivated when you don’t have a huge amount to lose?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :wave_cry:
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I think you have to remember that some of your fat is going to turn to muscle seeing as you have started running, and muscle is heavier than fat! try doing sit ups maybe to tone and burn off an extra bit of calories, if you have a little tummy then that should probably do the trick :D
Hi purple thanks for replying. I have tried to fool myself into believing I'm putting on enough muscle for it to be a factor,but reallly it's not...I am actually reasonably toned, and my tummy is one of the few areas I'm happy with...I just need to shift the flab from bum, thighs and everywhere else! Why doesn't it want to go anywhere??:sigh: