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Why can't you have Diet Coke?

Just a quick question really as to why you aren't allowed Diet Coke? I've read the week 1 booklet that says you can have sugar free cold remedies so I don't understand why you can't have sugar free coke, there are no carbs or calories in it? :confused:

Sorry I am probably being a dummy!! x
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im not 100% sure, but i think its probably the same reason you can have a piece of lemon in your water. citric acid. with the meds, u wont be having them all the time (and you have to get better!!) my LLC said citric acid does somehing to mess up ketosis. (i was also told to only use citric acid free mouth spray)
It's both really. But diet drinks actually make you more hungry.
Don't worry, you'll soon learn to live without them, and feel so much better for it too!


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Not only do they make you hungry and contain citric acid which can throw you out of ketoisis, you also need to take a complete step away from all conventional food/drink for this programme to work. It really is essential to go into it with the right mindset and step away from it all. I used to drink loads of fizzy drinks, now I really limit myself to one very occasionally. You will be amazed how little you really miss them.

Good Luck with your journey

Diet Drinks are a 'dieters' sabatouer. THey really do make you fat. THey are also bad for bones, and all sorts. THe acid will keep you out of ketosis. You are better off breaking the habit permanently. THey are basicly poison.

I usually get on a soap box about them, but too cold and tired. lol

I was a COMPLETE diet coke addict and more afriad of giving it up then food. THat was on 8 January 2008 (HEY! TOday is my 2-year anniversary! :D) ANyway - I have been off the diet for over a year and have not had one single sip since. Never will again.

Better off having the occassional regular coke if you must. But occassional only - and AFTER the LL plan.

Oh, and I do not miss them AT all. :)
Thanks girls, I'm only on day two and this is the one thing that I am reaaaally craving! Think I might get some of the water flavours when I go back to class next week, I really was an addict!
Monkerlla, i got some of the water flavouring and have to say they are quite nice and have made drinking the water alot easier, i don't think i could drink the amount of water needed without it. I'am only on day one and like you am hoping certain cravings pass.


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I just don't know why anyone would want to drink toilet cleaner! It's crap!

Do yourself a favour and get it out of your system.


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even when i was at weight watchers the woman told me to cut back on diet fizzy drinks. the sweetener (aspartame)in the is SO bad for you, and also for some reason makes u hold on to fat. she said the people who give up fizzy lost weight quicker than those that dont.

i do feel your pain though....its all i used to drink!! however, now even on the rare occasion i have cheated, i didnt want them and still had water!! i tasted some over xmas and i didnt really like the taste. its better in the long run!!
Since all the shakes on LL contain aspartamine, anyone whois woried about that particlar aspect of diet coke may want to steer clear of the LL shakes.


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Me too!! Plus we wont be on shakes forever

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