Starting up but confused on syns


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I've just started the slimming world diet and was pretty sure I knew what I was doing until I realised there is more to it and haven't got a clue... I understand what the free foods are but then read that 1 syn is 20 calories so wasn't sure how free syn free is :rolleyes: I'm also reading different views on how many syns you can have a day? It says between 5 and 15 so to be on the cautious side I'l stick to 5 till I know what I'm doing ....
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Have you officially joined SW group? If you everything is explained in your book.

Females can have 5-15 syns unless over 2 then can have extra 10 if needed.

Males can straight off have 5-25syns.

Free food is what the plan calls free food. I.e. meat/poultry/pasta/rice/potatoes/veg/fruit

Healthy Extras
Can have 2 a choices this is your dairy I.e. cheese or milk. There is a list in your book.
Can have 1 A choice and this is your fibre content. Like your bread/cereal. You can have some nuts/dried fruit as your B choice too. Again there is a list in the book.

Syns - is for anything treat wise. I.e chocolate/crisps/processed foods/alcohol. If you have officially joined in your book there will be a code to sign up online too so you can search for all the different syn values.

Dont hesitate to ask more questions until you get your head around it. We're a helpful bunch on here :)