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Why did you choose Atkins????

I chose Atkins because I hate counting calories - working shifts I really dint have the time to weigh and count everything - and I'm allowed my favourite foods - meat & cheese yum x
I chose atkins as im an absolute carnivore haha!

Diets like WW dont work for me as im still 'allowed' everything. If i know i have to restrict something, in this case carbs, i find it easier to train my mind on what i can and cant eat n foods to instantly avoid. I know with atkins that the saying 'one little bite wont hurt' doesnt apply so it keeps my will power in check!


This is for life
I chose atkins because
- i had to do something i felt so bad
- it said it would get rid of that ravenous hunger (it did)
- the food is so delicious so i dont feel deprived

Now i would add-
- it works:D
- it's so easy to do including going out a lot
- i've never eaten so much fresh food and yummy veg
When I told some people I was going on Atkins, on of the guys actually said that it is a dangerous diet & will cause 'brain damage'. I couldn't believe it.....he honestly thought that living on meat, fish, fruit & veg would cause brain damage. Completely insane.


This is for life
Lol - that's a new danger i hadnt heard yet! :D


" If at First".....
Because it's a healthy, common sense diet.

Or is thinking that proof of 'brain damage'? :8855:

Having said all that, I must have had BD yesterday I was at a friends & fell right off the wagon - M&S fruit cheesecake - among other things!! :break_diet:
I chose Atkins for all of the above reasons others have already mentioned. I DO NOT feel deprived, I never have that 'starving feeling' which you get onother diets which eventually leads to falling off the wagon.

I think about it like this......

The way we are eating is the way our bodies where made to eat. We are eating all the 'natural' foods we have been provided (the food chain) and our ancestors have eaten this way for centuries. Meat and greens, eggs and cream. All natural food that hasn't been 'messed' with! How can that be 'bad' for you! End of.... :)

I chose Atkins so that I could enjoy the benefits of ketosis whilst still being able to eat a wide variety of yummy food. I knew that this way of eating would not only be great for weight loss but also just about perfect for longterm maitenance.

Even if we fall from grace we can always come back to Atkins Induction and deal with the damage!
I chose it beacuse it worked for me in the past but also - It's a diet I understand where I am not often hungry (un-heard of on any other diet) and if I am hungry loads of things I can eat.

Lots of things I can eat and enjoy

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