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Why do I do it to myself!


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So ive had a good couple of days on plan after having had 3 x 80% days, and then today I end up going to McDonalds and getting a Big Mac, regular fries and a dairy milk mcflurry. I did consider waiting till I got home for a SW dinner but being there to get my daughter something as a treat I ended up caving in an absolute instant!! Silly person I am.

I know all about drawing a line etc but im finding that my willpower is really being tried at the moment, im having too many of these 'bad moments' and I really am starting to struggle to stay on-plan for longer than a couple of days at a time. I have WI tomorrow and know that im just going to have to face the consequences of my actions :sigh: its all my own fault.

Sorry for the rant!
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Don't beat yourself up too much - it happens to the best of us! I'd suggest you turn it into a learning experience and think about what you will do the next time you're in that position. It might be having something low syn in your bag that you can eat or finding out the syns of the McD menu so you know what the more SW friendly things are.

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WE can do this :)
ahhh hun big hug (((((((BIG HUG))))))) start fresh straight away, we all do these things, i am very bad and cant get back on track but today i seem to be getting there. So dont beat yourself up about it x


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Cheers for the support guys :) youre all soooo lovely.

I just feel as though im sabotaging this for myself. Ive lost 2st something and I feel great for every little ounce gone, im loving my body more than I have in years and feel healthy. So I guess the big part of my frustration is that I know only me myself can regain the control again to shift this last half a stone to target but having always strived to be a perfectionist in whatever I do means that whenever I fall off the wagon I tend to take it badly. I know I can do this but something is in my way and I just cant pinpoint what it is.